2nd of Festive Games to Bricks XV, Blaydon Bricks 42, Ryton XV 24

With some Bricks not available following Boxing Day, a game up the hill and some late unavailability, there wasn’t much of the ‘past’ Bricks presence for this game, but we were well supported by the rest of the club in this fixture.

• A number of the first team squad, the guys who came through the youth set up watched Boxing Day and bent our ears in the bar about playing, given we only had 1 prop available and non of our regular centres were available, we called up Trevor and (Ryton were playing a Ryton Prop who now plays for Tynedale prop) James Cooney,
• Jack and Lewis played again, as they did Boxing Day, also James Murray, played his first game of the season, he played about 4 games last year and 1st game of the season for us from Nathan McCloud, as Lowsey dragged him along.
• A much awaited debut of Owen, who is committed to RL and hasn’t played so far this season, made his Bricks debut after being ill on Boxing Day.

Trys: James C, Savs, Liam, Owen Lowsey & Lewis
Conv: Lewis all 6

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/26086313%40N08/collections/

Taken by Andy Richardson
This was definitely a game of two halves, Ryton came with just 15 players and I can only think the Bricks started a little too confident, as for 20 mins we just weren’t in the game no only some decent tackling kept us in the game, with Ryton leading 12-0 at half time and Blaydon recovering and scoring 42 points in the second half.
Highs and Lows of the game:

1st Half
• The game started with a bit of slow motion slapstick comedy, things are bout to go wrong when Backrows start telling backs where to line up on kick offs, all our backs were told to chase the kick off and Windy and Stracks held back to cover…… Ryton secured the kick off, kicked the ball long and a quick winger raced 80 yards down the side line and beat our retreating back rows to touch down.
• We just didn’t seem up for the game, it was all very quiet and we seem to be complaining about refereeing decisions, thankfully we knuckled down and came back into the game a little after 20 mins.
• Liam made a couple of breaks at scrumhalf, but in reality our backs were starved of the ball in the first half, so were restricted to tackling practice.
• After the initial exchanges our forwards came back into the game and competed better in the set pieces and make yards in open play.
• Most of the half we were killed with penalties, off the feet, hands in after being told to stop competing, over the top, etc. – we need to learn from the early penalties being given and adapt our game.
• Real chance to score in first half came from a scrum 5 when Liam charged down a clearance behind the lines, but pick up at the back of the scrum didn’t go to plan and possession was lost.

2nd Half
• 2nd half we changed the back division and added more pace, James Murray came in at fullback, Owen came on at 9 and Liam went to wing, giving us real pace in the backs and certainly in the back 3
• It took Ryton quite a while to recognise the speed of the back 3, for a while they continued to kick the ball long to them for them to run ball back at them.
• Second half was a different game, we started to secure ball which gave our backs the opportunity to use their pace. Instruction at half time was run anything outside of the 22, reality was they got a bit excited and ran some from within the 22, but had enough pace to get away with it.
• We unfortunately lost Rodders with an ankle injury after playing well, so speedy recovery, JC moved to 10 and Nathan came into the centre for first game of the season
• JC took his first ball at pace ran a great line and arced round the Ryton defence and into the corner
• We had Stacks, GB, Keith and Cliff making good yards
• Owen had a very impressive debut with snipping runs, braking tackles and playing like he was 14 stone, not 10 stone wet through…. One good break has Savs in support and he slipped the pass for Savs to score try number 2.
• Ryton couldn’t handle the pace no interplay, trys followed from Liam, Owen, Lowsey (forwards got involved in trys) and Lewis.
• JC blind, supported by Lewis and popped a low pass which was well taken by Owen for a good score.
• Lewis kicking was exceptional, getting all 6 from all over he park. .

So both games to Bricks over the festive period, guests in both games helped us with pace we have been struggling with all season and games played in great spirit and good fun in the bar afterwards. Our thanks to Andy, Mark and Les Cash who entered into the spirit and kept the game flowing, while taking some stick in the bar with good spirit, thank you.

Next week we are back to League games with a home game against Houghton Boars.

1. GB
2. Keith.
3. Trevor
4. Jack Inglis
5. Keith Oliver (Cliff)
6. Windy. (Ian B)
7. Lowsey
8. Stracks (Will)
9. Liam Bradly. (Owen Reed)
10. Rodders. (James Cooney)
11. Mickey Bell (Liam Bradley)
12. Savs
13. James Cooney. (Nathan McCleod)
14. Lewis
15. Hopey. (James Murray)