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Blaydon Car Boot Sale



  • 2 Plots for hot food and beverages
  • Plot for ice cream
  • Plot for fruit
  • Plot for sweets

Tenders must be submitted on the form provided BEFORE 12 NOON ON FRIDAY 8th FEBRUARY 2019 and all parties will be notified BY FRIDAY 15th FEBRUARY 2019 of the outcome.

Selection will be made purely on the written responses provided and the Selection Committee will include members of Blaydon Rugby Football Club’s Executive Committee and the Car Boot Management Team.

The main factor in the decision will be remuneration offered, but the club will take into account how the companies tendering are willing to support the wider entity that is Blaydon Rugby Football Club.


Further details available:


Blaydon Rugby Football Club have formalise the approach to allocating the above-listed plots for each year’s Car Boot Sales.   The Car Boot Sale is held 39 Sundays each year from the beginning of March until the end of November and in addition, to the maximum number of stalls – 400 – the attendance can be as high as 5,000 people, obviously depending upon the time of year and the weather.


It is the responsibility of the tenderer to ensure that the opportunity is fully understood and the club cannot guarantee any attendance or expected takings values for the plots.   It should be noted that the sale of chocolate is excluded from all vans, this being allotted to the ice cream van.


It must be accepted and understood that certain months will have different attendance to others, but the club request that the tenderer submit a fixed offer per month for the nine month operational period.


These payments will be settled on the first Sunday of each month and all tenders are for the full nine month period.


The process will be one of sealed tenders submitted to the Assistant Secretary of Blaydon RFC, with four pieces of information provided:

  • Monthly value offered.
  • Details of willingness to be /or current involvement with the rest of the club/sponsorship.
  • Other influencing factors, e.g.previous experience of working with Blaydon RFC


Please complete question on Mid-Week Car Boot Sale on tender doc.


Please download form or email the ‘Contact’ email and tender form will be emailed to you. All completed forms to be submitted to following email address:





Falcons U18 to play on Blaydon RFC AGP this Saturday

Newcastle Falcons Under-18s are in action this Saturday 19th January when they take on Worcester Warriors Under-18s.

The game is at Blaydon RFC with a 2pm kick-off, entry is free of charge.

Festive Rugby – Blaydon XV V Ryton XV – 1 win each

Overall score over the 2 legs was win to Blaydon 74 to 39, but great respect to Ryton who won the Boxing Day game and had a lot of good young talent on display, as well as turning up short for the 2nd leg, to make sure that game went ahead.

With a 3 day turn around, the sides in the games were always going to differ over the 2 games and with the depth of players we have at Blaydon, the 2nd game was always going to be a harder game for Ryton, great respect to them fielding 2 teams in 3 days.

Blaydon used 30 players over the 2 games.

Scrum gave Ryton loads of problems, which it was bound too, with Paul & Keith Winter and Tom Hirst in the front row, Ryton must dread seeing those guys come out onto the park. They must have had higher hopes when they saw Tom wasn’t on the pitch on the 29th, but Adam Keeler was, neither day was good for Ryton’s scrummage.

Blaydon Firsts have a critical game on the 5th January against Hull in top 3 clash, so none of the players in that squad were available, much to their disappointment, such is the thirst in the club to play this fixture.

See pictures below, but for the hats and the snow, identical…


Pictures from both games:


Boxing Day 2018 – Ryton XV 34 Blaydon XV 26

Photos, thanks to Billy Inglis

This game had everything; a nice sunny day, a large crowd supporting both sides, two evenly matched sides and two referees who were determine to keep it that way…


Blaydon started and finished the strongest, with a 14 point lead with try’s from Dan Turland and Lewis, both converted by Lewis in first half. We could and should have had more trys before halftime, but for various reasons, that was the score as we changed ends. We then had a disastrous 20 minutes at the start of the 2nd half, Ryton were playing down the hill now and with fresh legs in the pack started to break through tackles and managed to starve Blaydon of ball. What little ball we got was kicked away, one such kick resulted in the young Ryton fullback running in from half way.

Highs & Lows:

  •  Good to see Jack Inglis and Lewis Hill back playing in Blaydon shirts
  •  The Winters were doing festive juggling and dropping, nothing new there…
  •  Scrum gave Ryton loads of problems, which it was bound too, with Paul & Keith Winter and Tom Hirst in the front row
  • First half forwards dominated and made good yards, but struggled a little when Ryton brought on fresh legs for the 2nd half
  • Jack, Ewan and Jake were all round the park
  • Jak Tuck had a good game at 9, with good distribution
  • Lewis and Dan made big yards when in possession
  • James ran us out of trouble from the back

• Trys; Dan, Lewis, Jack Inglis, Rodders
• Conv. Lewis – 3off

1. Paul Winter
2. Keith Winter
3. Tom Hirst
4. Jack Inglis
5. Ewan Lowry    (Steve Palmer )
6. Harry                (Ewan Lowry)
7. Jake Armstrong
8. Paul Strachan
9. Jak Tuck
10. Lewis Hill
11. David Reay       (Paul Dingley)
12. Lee Guest          (Phil Rayson)
13. Dan Turland     (Peter Andrew Bath)
14. Hopey                (James Murray)
15. James Murray  (Rodders)


2nd Leg – Blaydon XV 48 Vs Ryton XV 5

Photos, thanks to Billy Inglis


Highs & Lows:

  •  Excuse me, I have to believe this game was played by aliens, this double of Keith Winter in photos is shaped in what looks like a passing position, that surely didn’t happen
  •  Not sure how long have I been away, thoughts I was there Boxing day but this report in rugby has to be the equivalent of walking into the starwars bar – Can’t really believe what you are seeing …..

• See photos:

  •  Not being there I had to consult Keith, who confirmed my thoughts from the photos, that James thought he’d scored a try over the 22, although Keith remembered it may have been the halfway, it’s in colour take a look.
  •  Adam Keeler takes on Ryton pack, it wasn’t fair… try
  •  There is not a lot of conviction in scrumhalfs eyes on talking Sean on the hoof
  •  James shows a number of cleans sets of heels…
  •  Keith too hung over to run, he passed.
  •  Matt Thompson as flyhalf running with the ball perfectly held (NOT) to release the backs or bring in the forwards on the inside. He may have scored, but let’s not let the truth get involved/in the way of a match report…. Never have before!
  • Look Andy giving a penalty to Blaydon, M.J. take note on how to do that….


  •  Ewan Lowry, Paul Strachan and Adam Turnbull scored conversions – what was the selection for kicking, furthest away from the try scored?
  •  James Murray didn’t get the jug in for scoring 3 trys…. Judge Paul Winter to deal with this at next Court session…..

Some input from those attending:

  •  Lewis Hill scored Sean Pyle missed the kick
  •  Someone else scored, Sean Pyle missed the kick
  •  Hopey knocked on
  • Someone else scored, Sean Pyle missed the kick
  • Hopey thought he would enter into festive spirit and change the rules to match NFL and threw a few forward passes
  •  Someone else scored, Sean Pyle missed the kick

***Half Time ***

  •  Harry split Strachs head open and Windy played Nurses. Strachs splitting his head because it’s as soft as a peach
  •  Matt Thompson played 10 and refused to pass to anyone within 10m, opting for a “Miss 3” every time
  •  Ewan scored from Lewis Hill’s crossfield kick, Matt missed the conversion
  •  Paul Winter started a fight with the Ryton 8, Owen Reed jumped on his back and tried to drag him to the ground by his beard, then wanted to chin him
  •  Someone scored and Strachs slotted the conversion.


• Trys; So suspected scorers:
o James Murray 3
o Adam Keeler 1
o Ewan Lowry 1
o Ewan Pritchard 1
o Lewis Hill 1
o Matt Thompson 1

• Conv.
o We must have started with someone sensible, surely ???
o Sean – missed a boat load
o Matt missed one at least
o Adam Turnbull 1
o Paul Starchan 1
o Ewan Lowry 1


First half:
1 Paul Winter
2 Keith Winter
3 Adam Keeler
4 Steve Sewell
5. Paul Strachan
6 Ewan Lowry
7. Cameron Richardson
8 Harry
9 Owen Reed
10 James Murray
11 Ewan Prichard.
12 Lewis Hill
13 Sean Pyle
14 Peter Andrew Bath
15 Hopey

Second half

1 Paul Winter
2 Keith Winter
3 Steve Palmer
4 Steve Sewell
5. Adam Turnbull
6 Ewan Lowry
7.Jake Armstrong
8 Stu Bailey
9 Owen Reed
10 Matt Thompson
11 Ewan Prichard
12 Lewis Hill
13 James Murray
14 James Toward Adams
15 Hopey



Festive Rugby – Blaydon XV v Ryton XV 2nd leg is now Saturday

The two traditional festive ‘friendly’ games between Blaydon XV & Ryton XV, start at Ryton on Boxing Day 1pm KO

Return leg is Saturday 29th,  1pm KO at Blaydon

Great event to walk off the Christmas dinner….



Merry Christmas from Blaydon RFC

We would like to wish all our players, supporters, customers, staff and  suppliers a very Merry Christmas from Blaydon RFC. 

Bar opening times over the holiday:

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day – Closed

Boxing Day – open Noon til late

New Year’s Eve – open 6pm until festivities are over at our New Years Party

New Years Day – Closed


Mark Wilson continues in the backrow, moving back to 8, for the last Autumn International against Australia

Congratulations Mark, keep up the great work rate.

All at Blaydon are with you….


#weartherose 🌹

#carrythemhome 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


Mark Wilson has deservedly been selected for the 3rd Autumn International against Japan

Mark has been selected at openside for the game on Saturday

Best wishes from Blaydon Rugby, do us proud, again!





Congratulations to Mark Wilson starting at 8 for England in the South Africa game

Massive congratulations and best wishes from everyone at Blaydon RFC, as Mark, now with Falcons, former Blaydon and Kendal player is deservedly in the England starting line-up today at Twickers

Show RSA that number of caps isn’t everything and we’ve no doubt you’ll make sure they know they’ve been in a game


Saturday 3rd November 2018 – Bonfire & Fireworks Extravaganza

Tickets – can be purchased via Rugby Club Bar or from the Gym Reception on site

Please be aware: Entry is conditional to consenting to Car/Bag/Coat/Buggy search, if requested/selected by Event Staff. Entry will be refused to anyone refusing to be searched.


No additional charges for onsite parking!

Come along and enjoy a great evening:

Commencing at 5.30pm with the William Clark Fun Fair
Followed by Bonfire 18:00 and Fireworks 19:45
In-House music 6.00pm till late.


  • Ticket Type
  • Adult
  • Child
  • Child Under 3
  • Family Ticket (2 adults & 2 Kids)
  • Purchased before 1st November
  • £ 5.40
  • £ 2.70
  • Free
  • £13.50
  • Purchased 1st November onwards
  • £ 6.00
  • £ 3.00
  • Free
  • £15.00

Blaydon’s New Artificial Grass Pitch (AGP) is now offically open and Blaydon’s Funday was a great success


Another great day to be entered into the numerous memorable days in the history of Blaydon RFC, only tainted by the wrong result on the field, as Blaydon loose out to a more determined Hull RFC side.

Bill Locke hosted the event as Blaydon President

Robin Wannop represented the RFU Board and explained the background to the ARP Programme and presented the club with a commemorative Vase

Madam Mayor Jill Green cut the ribbon on the AGP to declare it open.

Mayor Jill Green cuts the ribbon officially opening Blaydon’s AGP



Our guests  for the pre-match lunch included:

  • Joining Bill on the top table:
    • Madam Mayor Jill Green
    • Cllr Sonya Hawkins
    • Cllr Malcolm Brain
    • Robin Wannop RFU
    • Steve Grainger RFU
    • Matt Bryan RFU
    • David Sawyer – President of Durham RFU
  • Other guest included:
    • Past Presidents and Chairman of the Executive
    • Past Club Captains
    • Volunteers who help with the organisation of things like; Carboot, Bonfire, Beerfestival, Funday, etc.



A 100 Squares competition to raise funds for our partner Charity Wooden Spoon was run during the lunch with the prize being a Phil Vickery signed England Shirt – there we a few squares left, which we will follow up this week and announce the winner via social media. Click here for Wooden Spoon Story


Alongside the AGP Pitch Opening Ceremony Blaydon hosted a Funday with various rugby games and tester sessions, as well as a range of things to provide entertainment; Virtual reality, Bouncy Castles Roundabouts, etc.

It is intended that this Funday becomes an Annual Event, our thanks to following for making the Funday a success:

  • Kelly Vinnicombe, Elaine Parker for Organising – we better also say Vinnie, he must have helped somehow, surely…
  • To the clubs who provided opposition for the youth teams
  • To the many helpers who helped the day run well:
    •  Elaine again, Charlie & Catherine Brown, Damien & Adele Ameer-Beg
    • Our referees: Jason Leng and Ian Kelly.
    • Scott Gordon and Andy Lane for sorting fixtures
    • Matt T for the use of the orbs which the kids loved,
    • Other parent helpers: Julie Pickett, Karen Rapley, Jo Craddock, Andrea Hall, The Lisle Family, Donna Gray, Elaine Harwood, Sarah Wilson, The Simpsons, Lucy Wilkinson, The Millicans, Lisa Armstrong, Dan Tedstill, Joe Ferguson, Leigh Ferguson, Bradley Sturrock, Jon Chapman, Barry the DJ
    • and of course Northumbria Police Dog officers who gave up their day off to do the display
    • and we hope we didn’t miss anyone,

thanks to all, from Blaydon President & Club Executive Committee

thanks to Ian Peel, Donna Owens, Dave Miller and yours truly for the photos