Bricks Match Reports


Bricks through to Durham 4th team Shield semi final on 2nd March

Match report by Criag Barlow…..

A game of 2 halves

The team were down on numbers due to fielding 4 teams for the cup games but the fight in all of the players made up for that.

Blaydon lost the toss and played up the hill in the first half. A tough first half but we knew what we needed to do – suck up the pressure, keep it tight, have a big defence, and don’t give too many penalties away.

Blaydon did most of that well, except for the penalties. Too many penalties from a whistle happy man in yellow had Blaydon pinned back in their 22, with strong winds stopping the ball getting cleared. What didn’t help was Keith Winter getting a 10 minute rest in the first half for failing to release the ball, which in his defence was hard due to a man in blue lying on top of him.

Half time, Ryton 12 Blaydon 0

Second half and Blaydon had all the advantages. Down the hill, wind with us, and sun behind our backs.
Game plan: ball in the corner, play the rest of the game in Ryton’s 22.

The forwards were dominating at every play. Stronger in the scrum, and stealing line outs for fun.
The backs did their part, strong running and great hands.

4 great tries in the 2nd half sealed the win for Blaydon, and we now move onto the semi final.

Full time, Ryton 12 Blaydon 24

– Injured and tired bodies all over the pitch but never stopped going
– Game plan worked perfectly
– Toddy and Steve S being extra versatile and playing in the forwards and backs
– Guesty announcing to everyone that we were a much better team with 14 players and we didn’t need Keith
– Well deserved Man of the Match to Adam Turnbull

– Keith’s regurgitation post the man of the match drinking race, sorry correction, Keith’s involvement was as ‘Dick of the day’…more hits than Brexit on Facebook

Tries: Divers, K Winter, Savs 2
Cons: Divers, Twinny

P Winter
K Winter
T Hirst
K Oliver
A Turnbull
S Bailey
C Harrison
M Todd
L Bradley
A Twinn
C Barlow
L Guest (S Palmer)
P Divers
S Sewell
A Savory
D Turnbull


Sat 12th January, Winlaton Saxons 17, Blaydon Bricks 55


Winlaton chose to play up the hill in the first half and were 3 scores down at half time. They always claim the hill is worth 12 points, so they we a little behind at turnaround, but the youngsters we unleashed in the second half, ran up the hill for fun and Bricks won both halves.

This was a double header league game, so good bag of points for Bricks to stop the downward slip in the league.

Highs & Lows:
• Lost a few players at last minute; Strachs to 2s, Arran to sickness and Jake just went AWOL
• Lewis, Charlie, Alex and Cam were late due to car trouble, so all 4 played the 2nd half, Sorry Saxons
• Lee was saving himself for his Ski holiday, sideline counted/announced 3 missed tackles, bar it was all about staying on his feet to cover outside men, ankle tapping props, just get down and get tangled in their legs.
• Hopey actually tackled well in the centres, Steve Sewell chopped people down
• Bricks forwards had the upper hand in scrum and line out with Adam jumping (Turnbull, not Knox)
• First half was a master class in forward play, Scott did some damage, Adam T was everywhere, Stu was back and played as an extra forward at 9

• Savs & Divers lines had Saxons asking, which way did he go

2nd Half
• Didn’t look good for Saxons, when shortly after the KO our backs ran the ball from just outside the 22 for Alex to score.
• Saxons 9 (Mick) was heard to say, I couldn’t catch him in my car’
• Charlie (9) Cam (12 and Alex (13) played first game for Bricks (had played 2s & Development) and fresh legs with that speed and ability cut Winlaton up, but as you’d expect Saxons heads didn’t go down.
• Dags had a good half at 8 and did the damage for Saxons later in 2nd half, but poor tackling from the Bricks didn’t help, not just Lee and Hopey wasn’t on!

Photos, thanks to Derek Turnbull, see them all via link: h

Comments on 6 photos selected above:

  • Damien making new friend
  • Keith, what you doing right up there and passing…. For youngens to score
  • Caught on camera, one of Lee’s missed tackles
  • Divers taking Dags for a walk, also nice shot of Brick’s Tour socks on Charlie
  • Forwards looking relaxed, NOT

Lee looks like he’s reading the tackling manual

• Trys; Goggle, Adam T 2, Divers , Savs, Charlie, Alex 3
• Conv. Hopey 2, Lewis 3

1. Paul Winter
2. Keith Winter
3. Tom Hirst
4. Scott Kelly
5. Adam Knox (Adam Turnbull)
6. Steve Sewell
7. Adam Turnbull (Stu Bailey)
8. Harry
9. Stu Bailey (Charlie Mandley)
10. Savs (Lewis Hill)
11. Damien Shaw (Lee Guest)
12. Lee Guest (Cam Moore)
13. Hopey (Alex Young)
14. Craig Barlow
15. Phil Divers

Festive Rugby – Blaydon XV V Ryton XV – 1 win each

Overall score over the 2 legs was win to Blaydon 74 to 39, but great respect to Ryton who won the Boxing Day game and had a lot of good young talent on display, as well as turning up short for the 2nd leg, to make sure that game went ahead.

With a 3 day turn around, the sides in the games were always going to differ over the 2 games and with the depth of players we have at Blaydon, the 2nd game was always going to be a harder game for Ryton, great respect to them fielding 2 teams in 3 days.

Blaydon used 30 players over the 2 games.

Scrum gave Ryton loads of problems, which it was bound too, with Paul & Keith Winter and Tom Hirst in the front row, Ryton must dread seeing those guys come out onto the park. They must have had higher hopes when they saw Tom wasn’t on the pitch on the 29th, but Adam Keeler was, neither day was good for Ryton’s scrummage.

Blaydon Firsts have a critical game on the 5th January against Hull in top 3 clash, so none of the players in that squad were available, much to their disappointment, such is the thirst in the club to play this fixture.

See pictures below, but for the hats and the snow, identical…


Pictures from both games:


Boxing Day 2018 – Ryton XV 34 Blaydon XV 26

Photos, thanks to Billy Inglis

This game had everything; a nice sunny day, a large crowd supporting both sides, two evenly matched sides and two referees who were determine to keep it that way…


Blaydon started and finished the strongest, with a 14 point lead with try’s from Dan Turland and Lewis, both converted by Lewis in first half. We could and should have had more trys before halftime, but for various reasons, that was the score as we changed ends. We then had a disastrous 20 minutes at the start of the 2nd half, Ryton were playing down the hill now and with fresh legs in the pack started to break through tackles and managed to starve Blaydon of ball. What little ball we got was kicked away, one such kick resulted in the young Ryton fullback running in from half way.

Highs & Lows:

  •  Good to see Jack Inglis and Lewis Hill back playing in Blaydon shirts
  •  The Winters were doing festive juggling and dropping, nothing new there…
  •  Scrum gave Ryton loads of problems, which it was bound too, with Paul & Keith Winter and Tom Hirst in the front row
  • First half forwards dominated and made good yards, but struggled a little when Ryton brought on fresh legs for the 2nd half
  • Jack, Ewan and Jake were all round the park
  • Jak Tuck had a good game at 9, with good distribution
  • Lewis and Dan made big yards when in possession
  • James ran us out of trouble from the back

• Trys; Dan, Lewis, Jack Inglis, Rodders
• Conv. Lewis – 3off

1. Paul Winter
2. Keith Winter
3. Tom Hirst
4. Jack Inglis
5. Ewan Lowry    (Steve Palmer )
6. Harry                (Ewan Lowry)
7. Jake Armstrong
8. Paul Strachan
9. Jak Tuck
10. Lewis Hill
11. David Reay       (Paul Dingley)
12. Lee Guest          (Phil Rayson)
13. Dan Turland     (Peter Andrew Bath)
14. Hopey                (James Murray)
15. James Murray  (Rodders)


2nd Leg – Blaydon XV 48 Vs Ryton XV 5

Photos, thanks to Billy Inglis


Highs & Lows:

  •  Excuse me, I have to believe this game was played by aliens, this double of Keith Winter in photos is shaped in what looks like a passing position, that surely didn’t happen
  •  Not sure how long have I been away, thoughts I was there Boxing day but this report in rugby has to be the equivalent of walking into the starwars bar – Can’t really believe what you are seeing …..

• See photos:

  •  Not being there I had to consult Keith, who confirmed my thoughts from the photos, that James thought he’d scored a try over the 22, although Keith remembered it may have been the halfway, it’s in colour take a look.
  •  Adam Keeler takes on Ryton pack, it wasn’t fair… try
  •  There is not a lot of conviction in scrumhalfs eyes on talking Sean on the hoof
  •  James shows a number of cleans sets of heels…
  •  Keith too hung over to run, he passed.
  •  Matt Thompson as flyhalf running with the ball perfectly held (NOT) to release the backs or bring in the forwards on the inside. He may have scored, but let’s not let the truth get involved/in the way of a match report…. Never have before!
  • Look Andy giving a penalty to Blaydon, M.J. take note on how to do that….


  •  Ewan Lowry, Paul Strachan and Adam Turnbull scored conversions – what was the selection for kicking, furthest away from the try scored?
  •  James Murray didn’t get the jug in for scoring 3 trys…. Judge Paul Winter to deal with this at next Court session…..

Some input from those attending:

  •  Lewis Hill scored Sean Pyle missed the kick
  •  Someone else scored, Sean Pyle missed the kick
  •  Hopey knocked on
  • Someone else scored, Sean Pyle missed the kick
  • Hopey thought he would enter into festive spirit and change the rules to match NFL and threw a few forward passes
  •  Someone else scored, Sean Pyle missed the kick

***Half Time ***

  •  Harry split Strachs head open and Windy played Nurses. Strachs splitting his head because it’s as soft as a peach
  •  Matt Thompson played 10 and refused to pass to anyone within 10m, opting for a “Miss 3” every time
  •  Ewan scored from Lewis Hill’s crossfield kick, Matt missed the conversion
  •  Paul Winter started a fight with the Ryton 8, Owen Reed jumped on his back and tried to drag him to the ground by his beard, then wanted to chin him
  •  Someone scored and Strachs slotted the conversion.


• Trys; So suspected scorers:
o James Murray 3
o Adam Keeler 1
o Ewan Lowry 1
o Ewan Pritchard 1
o Lewis Hill 1
o Matt Thompson 1

• Conv.
o We must have started with someone sensible, surely ???
o Sean – missed a boat load
o Matt missed one at least
o Adam Turnbull 1
o Paul Starchan 1
o Ewan Lowry 1


First half:
1 Paul Winter
2 Keith Winter
3 Adam Keeler
4 Steve Sewell
5. Paul Strachan
6 Ewan Lowry
7. Cameron Richardson
8 Harry
9 Owen Reed
10 James Murray
11 Ewan Prichard.
12 Lewis Hill
13 Sean Pyle
14 Peter Andrew Bath
15 Hopey

Second half

1 Paul Winter
2 Keith Winter
3 Steve Palmer
4 Steve Sewell
5. Adam Turnbull
6 Ewan Lowry
7.Jake Armstrong
8 Stu Bailey
9 Owen Reed
10 Matt Thompson
11 Ewan Prichard
12 Lewis Hill
13 James Murray
14 James Toward Adams
15 Hopey



Saturday 6th October – Blaydon Bricks 17 Vs South Shields Mariners 10

Big thank you to Mariners who loaned us 2 players so we had a full side, as well as a 3rd when we got an injury later on, thank you Ray, Jack and Screech. Thanks also to Ian Bennie for making a return and Keith Oliver and Toddy for forgetting about injuries and playing.

Shields lost loads of players over the summer and are struggling getting two teams out presently, but their spirits are good and they never took a backward step in this game, we wish them all the best for their recruitment/recovery and look forward to the return game on 19th January.

Have to say immensely proud of the attitude of the Bricks players on the day, following cry offs and loads of unavailability, we were warming up with 13 players, knowing we would get some players, but not what positions, facing a large squad from Shields, a lesser side could have been disheartened, but the Bricks, just looked around at the quality of players which were there and got on with the job in hand, people played out of position to help the team (Harry in centre, Lee at 9 and Ian on the wing) and Bricks were deserved winners on the day.

This game had everything:

  • Mariners were great sports and the players they loaned us really put themselves about
  • We got the loan players just as the game started, so had no time to warm up with them, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell, they fitted straight in.
  • Lee Guest at 9, yes 9, after Thacks bailed on Saturday and Stu B was called up to the 2s
  • Ian Bennie out of retirement (not sure he ever truly announce it anyway)
  • Harry playing in the centre, he gave his shirt back at the end of the game and announced it didn’t need washing
  • Justin was back from injury – think he decided whatever it was couldn’t get any worse
  • A large crowd, Mariners brought a number with them and it was a nice day and lots of Blaydon support turned out
  • David Reay with outrages blue laces, it was determined, these being too tight were the cause of his current injury
  • Forwards played as a unit, lineout worked well, scrummage was dominant, every maul made good yards and we had runners standing off everywhere. Shields tackled loads, but must have been sick of seeing red shirts running into them. Never understood our foreheads, why they don’t avoid contact is beyond me, be hey thankfully they are on our side and I never had to play against them.
  • Defence was immense from forwards and back
  • Keith Oliver on the side line injured caught game fever and went on, again on basis he knows it will hurt next day, but he wanted to be involved, good to have him back
  • Toddy stripping Guesty on the side line for his gear, after he decided his injury wasn’t that bad and wore a knee brace to cure anything/everything. He’s definitely one of the taller 9s around.

Highs & Lows:

  • Keith got a try dis-allowed for crawling over the line with tacklers on his back and legs, it was more of a elbow shuffle really and the referee announce a ‘double’ movement was under selling (more quadruple) it!
  • Savs & Harry broke the gain line, time after time
  • Divers cleared everything up at the back and ran back at the Mariners gaining loads of yards
  • Damien scored a good try down the side line
  • Guesty must have ESP, he was heard attracting attention (screeching), loudly at a ruck, just before he got injured at the next breakdown….
  • After in a previous exchange he was being high tackled, Craig Oliver (our new Mr Angry) was pulled up for a ‘Cliffy’ trademarked handoff, continued on so well by Paul W (although he doeth protest he is just clumsy) well more of an arm off, he protested his innocence, but then Cliff & Paul always did…
  • Keith W managed to conquer his issue with the trifecta (breathing, running and passing) by catching the ball, stopping and passing, a good pass to Harry to score, whatever next, maybe Paul will catch a kick off.

• Trys; Divers, Damien S, Harry
• Conv. Divers



Thanks to Derek Turnbull for 141 pictures

Few comments on the selection above:

  • It looks like Guesty is willing that pass to get to someone…… remember he asked for praise on his tackling in the last match report…..
  • First Mariners encounter with our stand in centre, Harry hanging just off Savs shoulder, a couple didn’t get up from those tackles in the middle of the park
  • Any clue what Keith was doing on the flyhalf channel, well he caught it….
  • Divers running from fullback was a little of ‘which way did he go’ at times
  • Not sure how Stracks got left behind, looks like he must have ran backwards to get up steam, coming off the back of the scrum!
  • Justin certainly looks focused

1. Paul Winter
2. Ray – Loan player (Ian Bennie)
3. Keith Winter
4. Steve Sewell
5. Cameron Richardson
6. Jack – Loan Player
7. Justin Clarke
8. Stracks
9. Lee Guest (Mark Todd)
10. Savs
11. Ian Bennie (Screech – Loan Player)
12. Damien Shaw
13. Harry
14. Craig Oliver
15. Phil Divers

Saturday 1st September – Blaydon Bricks 26, West End 31

Management selection sees Bricks loose out in a close encounter….

Two key areas of focus for Brick’s training this week:

  1. Tackling Blaydon 1st team squad members….
  2. Learning to Breath, Run and Hold the ball, all at the same time…..

Big thanks to West End who turned up with 12 players for this friendly to start our season. It started well for the Bricks, who were 2 scores to 1 up and looking in command, although to be fair to West End, we were playing with 15 and West End 14 men, having loaned the Brick’s 2 Subs we had.

Selection of Photos:

thanks to Windy, the total 141 are on Flickr:

The training was paying off with people getting around the park a bit more than usual and Arran broke the line twice and he managed to ‘run, hold the ball and breath’ to touch down between the posts.

You could tell it was the first game of the season, players were rusty and we should have had a number of additional scores, but people got isolated and lost the ball in contact or gave away needleless penalties, but that’s why our first game is always a friendly.

Good to see Savs back after missing a good part of last season with a neck injury.

A richness of front rows on display, with Brett, Keith, Paul, Steve P and Tom all available, with Tom playing for West in the first half.

We had a much changed back division and the new centre partnership of Damien A and Peter started to make inroads as the game developed and we went close to scoring a few times

Our half finished with us on the ascendancy and looking likely to score, until…… him not to be named (being nice to people as it was the 1st game of the season, it won’t last…) decided to take a drop goal after the referee had called last play, he’s lost all decision making privileges.

A Game of two half’s…..

All changed at halftime when some of our 2s returned from an aborted game at Westoe and Joe Melia went on as replacements for West. Joe has played many times for the Bricks and has progressed through to play a number of games for our 1s, with only his moving away for work, stopping him being a part of the squad last Saturday. So Joe did us some (clutching at straws here) favours with a fair amount of tackling practice on the day and little favour by still scoring 3 trys, which had the crowd calling for the manager’s head for such a decision. They were reminded the Bricks is not a democracy and they had no say in selection….

Management, what can you say – Bricks don’t play with uneven numbers, when teams turn out to play us short, Bricks needed game time together and forcing teams to play short is not in the spirit of our team, any issues, management Coup encouraged……. 😊

The game ended with the Bricks in the ascendancy again and very close to draw/win at the end when James was beaten to a touchdown by West defence.

So a close game, could have so easily been a win, but not to be, very good defence by West and good luck to them in the Northumberland Aln league this year, where they will face our Development team

Thanks also to James Murray, Sean Pyle, Andrew Steinberg and Adam Keeler who all came back to our side line and covered for injuries on both sides.


  • Trys: Arran 2, Shaun & James
  • Conv: Hopey 3

Thanks to; Tom Hirst, Craig Oliver, Joe Melia, Adam Keeler and Damien Shaw for playing for West End.

Next Bricks game: 15th September, League game away to Houghton Boars, who had a good win against Winlaton Saxons on Saturday.

1. Paul
2. Keith
3. Brett (Tom)
4. Steve P (Andrew S)
5. Arran
6. Cameron
7. Jake Armstrong
8. Justin
9. Hopey
10. Savs (James)
11. Damien S (Craig O)
12. Damien A
13. Peter (Sean )
14. David G
15. Craig B

Saturday 10th March Blaydon Bricks 42, Winlaton Saxons 12

Bricks came out on top, doing the double over the Saxons in the re-arranged league game, snowed off the week before. The Saxons were out muscled by a bigger, more experienced pack and good performances from Scotty, Dale and a very good performance by Dags at No 8, on a scrummage going backwards were not enough for Saxons to match the Bricks forwards on the day. The Winters’ thrive playing the likes of Winlaton, James Knox had a great game at front row and going forward, Arran and Keith made yards from 2nd row and the back row of Harry, Justin and Damien Shaw owned the breakdown. If we hadn’t given away more penalties than England, for hands in the ruck, not releasing when a player’s knee goes down and high seat belt type tackles, the score would have been higher.



  • Rodders made yards each time he got the ball and his clearance kicks push Winlaton back time after time. Unfortunately he tweak his hamstring and pulled up which isn’t good news with the cup semi-final only 2 weeks away.
  • Chester and Divers nullified Kieran who had a strong game in the centres for Winlaton, but size wasn’t enough to break the Blaydon line
  • Liam had a good game at 9 and also in the lineout, as we were short of jumpers
  • Rodders had to drop goal the first conversion as Windy couldn’t find the kicking tee, Stracks pointed out it was in Windy’s hand, you couldn’t write the script, der!
  • Anth’s (promoted waterboy) face was a picture, when his name was read out as part of the starting 15, the look only surpassed when it was again read out for starting the 2nd half….
  • Good steal from Justin in our 22, long kick for Rodders into their 22, who then chased it and good tussle with Davy Walton their full back, Anth got there with 9 on his back, even looked like a 9 when he went in, right up until the pass naturally, but ball was popped to Arran to score.
  • Chester and Divers made good lines of running off Alex, with Divers scoring twice, one a good line that beat everyone and Chester had one disallowed as the referee was unsighted.
  • Alex balanced the use of backs and forwards in attack well and controlled the game.
  • Matt Robinson had a good debut for the Bricks after agreeing to sub for us haven just moved into the area.
  • Paul Dingley on the other wing, was strong in the tackle to stop Winlaton wingers from making much progress.

This was a really strong Bricks performance, against a decent Saxons side and but for some lapses in concentration, especially in retreating at penalties, Bricks would have kept a clean sheet on the day. This Bricks side is highly critical of itself and shouldn’t be, given we can’t keep a settled team, we had people playing out of position with injuries and unavailability, it was as Paul said one of our best performances. As I said at the end, if someone had offered me a score-line of 42-12 before the game, I would have snapped their hand off…. Great game/result, well done all!

The real worry is the injuries and non-availability for the cup match on 24th March:

  • Rodders has to be a doubt, Savs, Matt Goodall and Chris Coates are out, so full back may be a draw straws affair
  • Finnaz, Ian Bennie, Stracks and Rob Pyle (backrow one) won’t be seen until next season
  • We have injuries to Matt Purdy, Steve Palmer, Brett,
  • Development are going to need help to get a side out and a bench at home to DMP 3s

Lets hope the responses on the cup match week are a lot better then current response levels….



Trys: Liam, Arran 2, Rodders, Divers 2

Conv: Rodders 2, Alex, Divers

Pen: Rodders

Drop Goal: Alex




  1. Paul Winter
  2. Keith Winter            (Grumpy)
  3. James Knox
  4. Keith Oliver
  5. Arran Poad
  6. Damien Shaw
  7. Justin Clarke
  8. Harry
  9. Liam Bradley
  10. Alex Twinn
  11. Paul Dingley                    (Matt Robertson)
  12. Steven Davidson
  13. Phil Divers
  14. Anth
  15. Rodders

Saturday 17th Feb, Blaydon Bricks 36, Northern 2s 56

Chester lee Street 2s conceded the cup quarter final so we had to pick up a fixture, given the Bricks had 15 subs at the start of the day. Only team around were Northern 2/3s, Northern are struggling to run 3 sides but a fixture at this level for Blaydon 4s was always going to be a challenge, reality is any more junior team would have been blown away on the day.


The Development side, took a similar fixture with West Hartlepool 2/3s, similar they are struggling putting out teams. The Development side was made up predominately of our U18s in they transition to senior rugby,  the Development were strengthened a little, when the 2nd team game was cancelled, but in the main left with the side selected for the cup, rather than brining in more of the 2s. The lads were ahead at half time, lent players to West and lost 43-22 to a heavier side.  A few seasons ago, who would have thought Blaydon 3rd and 4th team would be able to compete so well against these club’s 2nd teams.


The Bricks, Northern game was a clash of styles, Blaydon using forward power and Northern with the fastest back 5 forwards and rapid backs we’ll see this season.


We’d lost a few players from the 15 subs, Big Lad was sick over night, Grumpy went down with lurggie and Vinnie, well tweaked something in the gym earlier that day.. Keith Winter will tell you, training is dangerous!  We still had 12 subs for half time. I’ll repeat what I’ve said for 3 weeks now, it’s fantastic having such strength in depth, but you will always struggle to perform consistently when you make that amount of subs, but we stuck with our policy, everyone get a half if they want game time.

Then there is Craig McBurnie, who went on at half time, got carried away in the excitement and tried to race out and charge down a conversion just after half time, ping went the hammy…


Photos: this week thanks to Derek: we had loads of photos, even with the dog pictures removed!

Highs and lows of the game:

  • Good to see Adam Keeler make his first appearance of the season, he had a great game, scored a nice front row try crash over, I’m sure he ran in 40 meters.. by the end of the night. Just as well he did as he’d dropped a ball near the line, either earlier or later depending on who you ask.
  • Rodders had managed to get time off work for his 3rd game of the season to provide pace at the back
  • Mark Strong made a welcome return to a Blaydon shirt, good performance will get fitter and even quicker….
  • Derek Turnbull made a welcome return from injury, did a good job with the camera in the first half and went on in the second half, coming through without further injury
  • Ryan Robson, having played a number of games for the Vets made his first appearance of the season for the Bricks, still a very good player, just needed more ball.
  • Forwards were on top both halves, scrum dominant and taking ball against the head, 2 push over trys to Harry, thanks to front 5
  • First half, Paul, Keith, Adam, James and Harry made big yards and Steve S and Justin we all over the park
  • 2nd half similar Steve P, Keith, James, Derek, Paul & Keith made yards and Mark Strong and Justin were all over the park
  • Somebody ask Adam K what he was doing kicking in our 22 please, next time just batter someone!
  • First half Rodders, Divers and Liam made good yards in the backs,
  • Second half again Rodders, Sean and Ryan made yards, but we didn’t get as much ball in the backs.
  • Some good tackling all round
  • Stracks then had a couple bad minutes, stripped in tackle in one possession and then ‘shot’ in the Achilles by a sniper in the next, which sees the end to his season, unless we can add studs to his surgical boot….
  • And Hopey made a good tackle….
  • I was on Morretti again and notes were sparse, also the promised input from Windy and Keith, well didn’t truly make the cut! – to show willing I’ll add a couple of the comments ‘Ting a Ling’ and ‘Jolly good game today’ which don’t truly add much value….


At the end Bricks’s were a bit disappointed, to lose by 20, but if someone had said we would score 36 points V Northern 2s a couple seasons ago, I would have asked what they were taking. Someone is going to get a real good hiding from this Bricks team soon….

Next week sees our U35s players with the Development squad at Ryton IIs, while all over 35 players will be playing the vets game against Stracks’s Army team, who will be without him, feel free to join him on the sideline, game should be entertaining. 12 midday kick off to ensure we’re finished and in the bar in time for the Calcutta Cup at 4pm.



  1. Paul Winter
  2. Keith Winter (Craig McBurnie)
  3. Adam Keeler  (Steve P Palmer)
  4. Janes Knox  (Derek Turnbull)
  5. Steve Sewell  (Keith Oliver)
  6. Cameron Richardson  (Mark Strong)
  7. Justin Clarke
  8. Harry   (Strachs)
  9. Liam Bradley   (Hopey)
  10. Alex Twinn
  11. Craig Barlow   (Damien Ameer-Beg)
  12. Chester   (Sean Pyle)
  13. Divers   (Tony Horsefall)
  14. Damien Shaw (Ryan Robson)
  15. Rodders


Saturday 10th February – Blaydon Bricks 26, Percy Park Pumas 29

Another week with a great turn out, outside of James Murray and Josh Simpson guesting from the 2s, we had a further 11 subs on the day, looking good for getting 4 teams out next week and ongoing. The influx of players continues, as does the number of U18s transitioning to senior rugby.

This was another very good game, double header, played in the right spirit, some hard hitting by two physical sides that both knew they had been in a game on Sunday morning.

Making so many changes at half time again disrupted the team, but it’s more about getting people game time and people back playing, after struggling to get 4 teams out for a while. Good news for cup matches that all the U18s who have played infrequently are available on mass, Vets are supporting, injured are returning and people have taken holidays to be available.


Trys; Vinnie, Justin, James M, Hopey

Conv: James 3

Photos: Still not a lot, after all that hype, Finnaz had too many to drink and failed to show

Highs & Lows:

  • Forwards dominated the set piece; scrummage and line out, both halves again
  • Good to see Ian Kelly available again
  • Will Daniels helped out again as prop, he’s getting really good in there, but I kept my word and he didn’t play 80 minutes at prop, nearer 70…. Soz.
  • Stu Bailey and Toddy were tackling everything
  • Paul Winter dropped yet another kick off…. not as bad as Keith dropping the ball just short of the line. Both had good games AGAIN… and were only ones on for 80 minutes, but it’s more fun to pull out the mistakes…
  • Tony Horsefall finally got permission to make his debut in a brick’s shirt, good start
  • Tom Edmondson made his return to a Blaydon shirt and made good yards
  • Good to see Chester and Damien Ameer-Beg back from injury
  • Good interchange with James, Hopey and Damien A. which nearly resulted in a try
  • Vinnie, paul W, Keith W and James K made good yards 2nd half with Vinnie scoring
  • Justin and Callum G were all over the park
  • Lewis’s chip and chase was well executed
  • Hopey finished off a good break with a foot race to the line, given he had lots pace outside, it was good job he didn’t get caught.
  • James was unlucky to get caught down the right hand side
  • Anth cried off again, even from waterboy!


In addition to more players, good to see more management capability at the game, even though there was a Ryton/Winlaton first team game, we had Keith Richardson at the game. See photo of Keith with our sideline motivational speaker/manager, Cliff.  Also good to see Tony Horsefall, wearing a Blaydon jersey and taking part in the game in the second half. Keith was still wearing his Vulcans branding, but sure that’s just a matter of time….  once Winlaton committee read this and finds out he deserted them, he’ll surely be bared, we’ll make him welcome again, back at Blaydon….)  :-)

So next weekend is the quarter finals of the Durham Cup with Bricks away at Chester Le Street and Development away at West Hartlepool, bring it on!

1. Paul Winter
2. Keith Winter
3. Ian Kelly (Will Daniels)
4. Mark Todd (Oliver Henry)
5. Tom Edmondson (James Knox)
6. Cameron Richardson (Justin Clarke)
7. Stuart Bailey (Callum Gascoigne)
8. Paul Strachan (Paul Vinnicombe) )
9. Liam Bradley (Josh Simpson)
10. James Murray (Lewis Hill)
11. Damien Ameer-Beg (Paul Dingley)
12. Steven Davidson (Tony Horsefall)
13. Lewis Hill (Peter Andrew Bath)
14. Craig Oliver (Craig Barlow)
15. Mark Hopewell (James Murray)

Physio by Windy

Bricks’s numbers were boosted for visit of West End – league leaders. With Bricks still in an injury and availability crisis it was good to see a number of new and returning faces swelling the ranks yesterday:

  • Matt Goodall made his first appearance of the season and with U18s now playing midweek, as coach he brought some of them along to play:
    • Matty Johnson – 2nd row
    • Callum Gascoigne –  back row
    • Jak Tuck – 9
    • Cameron James Coates – 10
    • Max Nellie – Centre
    • Mitchel Smails got called into work and missed the game
  • James Murray guested from the 2s who had no game
  • Peter Bath made a return to rugby in centre after a number of years out and scored a good try on his debut for the Bricks
  • Rodders made a return after his ankle injury at the end of last season
  • We had Anth. back, on the side line (always his best position, some would say!) this time not with water bottles, but pushing a buggy, he is threatening to play next week!
  • Vinnie, had been threatening for some time made an appearance and ouch! did a West End guys know he was back….


For context the players not available yesterday included; Savs, Chester, Divers, Damien A, Coatsey, Stu B, Arran, Finnaz, Harry, Horse, Matt P, Steve S, Oliver (late withdraw – referred to court assessment) Brett, Craig McB, Derek T, Will D & Tom E


West End also showed up with a squad of around 22, good to see the club starting to stabilise after struggling some seasons to field a team, they’ve managed to run 2 teams on a couple of occasions this season. They have built a good squad and it’s hard to see anyone stopping them from winning the Blyth League, good luck to them!

We noticed they decided to play Matt Allmond in the centre, we took the micky out of him after the game, saying he never had any hands, (expected, I’m sure as he left Blaydon) but he had a good game there, his partner at 13 was rapid and did all the damage on the day with West End’s chip and chase game.



Sorry yet again, I spend too much time watching the game to take photos, so hardly any photos, mainly set pieces etc! We desperately need someone who will take photos….


  • Trys: Matt G, Jak & Peter
  • Lewis, James


It was great to have a sizable squad, we’ve had many games with few or no subs this season. We again followed the principle of everyone plays (thanks to West End for agreeing to more than 7 subs) so we made 11 changes for the 2nd half and having nearly 2 teams with lots of players who hadn’t played together recently or before meant a settling in period. Unfortunately West End with a more settle squad took early advantage with a chip and chase game and we were two try’s down in minutes, but we recovered as time went on and were unlucky not to have more trys as we started to dominate more towards the end of the first half with a number of push over try’s being prevented (cant understand why it wasn’t a penalty try, but hey, referee had a good game all round)  and Hopey being tackled before he had hold of the ball, only a few yards out.


We had a similar settling period in the second half with almost a new team out there and came very strong at the end with a Vinnie try not awarded as the referee was unsighted and even some of the West End lads said we could have won if the game had been a few minutes longer.


As it was, West End tackled well and took their chances on the day, scored more points, which in any rugby game is the key aspect.


Highs and Lows of the game:

  • Blaydon scrummage worked very well
  • Matty and Callum played well in the Bricks forwards
  • Matt Goodall took a good line in the 22 and ran in a good try
  • Max Nellie had a very strong debut in the centre
  • Good mauling by the forwards to make good yards
  • Alex’s kicking kept us going forward
  • James picked up a long ball in his 22 and just got stopped in West’s 22.
  • Vinnie bouncing West End players out the way
  • Jak was a live wire on his debut at 9 in the second half.
  • Cameron was kicking the ball around 60 yards from penalty kicks
  • Rodders just got caught going into the 22 or would have been away
  • Goggle made a good break into the 22


Next week was designated as a Vet’s weekend, so no Bricks game, there is a development game against Gosforth so anyone U35 will be involved in that squad


  1. Paul Winter
  2. Keith Winter
  3. Tom Hirst.     (Steven Palmer)
  4. James Knox.   (Keith Oliver)
  5. Matty Johnson.
  6. Justin Clarke.      (Cameron Richardson)
  7. Callum Gascoigne
  8. Paul Strachan     (Paul Vinnicombe)
  9. Liam Bradley.  (Jak Tuck)
  10. Alex Twinn.    (Cameron James Coates)
  11. Mark Hopewell.   (Craig Barlow)
  12. Matt Goodall  (Robert Pyle)
  13. Max Nellie.  (Peter Andrew)
  14. Damien Shaw.  (Paul Dingley) Â
  15. Lewis Hill.   (James Murray)

Saturday 13th January – Blaydon Bricks 24, Berwick 50


Knew it was going to be a hard afternoon when Berwick turned up in force; with a bus, squad of about 25, about a dozen spectators, you guessed it, no first teams fixture……

The score did not do this Brick’s side justice, Berwick had pace to burn in the backs and finished off every opportunity they had. The Bricks with a changed team again, made a couple of wrong decision or dropped a ball at the wrong time, we were a little rusty, otherwise it would have been a lot closer. Good that we had a few backs returning from games out and Stu Bailey helped, starting in the centre for us.

This was a good performance from the Bricks, when a team brings the amount of pace Berwick did we were never going to win, but everyone stuck at it, played for each other and the Blaydon Badge. It’s the league, I’d take a defeat every game (league not cup) if the team worked as a unit, supported each other and played like that every week, reality is not many teams could have beat us on Saturday, certainly non in our league would have. Paul Winter summed it up well at the end, ‘this was a passionate, committed performance from the Bricks and he was immensely proud of everyone and the overall performance’ totally agree.

Anyway really enjoyable game, we sent Berwick home knowing they had been in a game and there was some big hits put in all round the park, they would have had some bruised bodies on Sunday…..

As it happens we scored 4 try’s and get 4 points to help our league position.


Try: Keith W, Strachs, Liam & ??

Conversion: Alex 2


Pictures: sorry again from me, just did not get many taken, come back Finnaz….



  • Alex Twinn made his first start of the season at flyhalf after taking time out to work on his house
  • Divers was back after a few weeks out
  • Stracks clattered the flyhalf as he hesitated with the ball and came down right on top of him, you could hear the wind come out of him, my recommendation – don’t show boat in future!
  • Bricks always looked dangerous with the ball in hand, good interplay within the backs and forwards and linking between both.
  • Liam made some good hits, got cut in half in return but finished his try well.
  • Keith stole a short range try from Paul, at least that’s how the factual match report goes……
  • Brick’s forwards made good yards taking the ball on and controlled the set piece.
  • The 2nds finished early and 4 lads came up as they knew we had no subs and came on halfway through the second half as we started to feel the pace, thanks to Alex, Andrew, Cameron and Nathan
  • Mind haven said that, we didn’t score anymore points after they came on…. true fact but probably not related..
  • Got to mention, what we can only assume was expected to be a miss ‘7’ move…. Cameron smacked Divers on the side of the head with a pass, when he was a yard away… it bounced off his head into a Berwick players path and he was off…


  1. Paul W
  2. Keith W
  3. Stephen P (Alex Dodds)
  4. Keith O (Arran Poad)
  5. Steve S (Andrew Steinburg)
  6. Arran P (Stu Bailey)
  7. Justin C
  8. Stracks


  1. Liam
  2. Alex Twinn.
  3. Craig O  (Nathan Johnson)
  4. Stu B  (Cameron Coates)
  5. Divers
  6. Damien S
  7. Hopey