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Saturday 23rd November – Gateshead IIIs 10, Blaydon Bricks 45


Trys; Divers 3, Brett 2, Liam & Matty
Conv; Thacks 5

What a difference a week makes, twenty odd players last week for the cup match and 15 this week with a late arranged fixture with Gateshead 3rds. On arriving at Gateshead we are faced with the fact that Gateshead IIIs could only raise 10 players. Shame to see a club like Gateshead struggling in this way, last year their 4s beat us home and away in the league and although they lost to us in the cup, it was very close. Good things was both sides just wanted a game so we gave them 2 players; Damien and Chris Collins to even the sides.

• Game kicks off and everything is back to normal, Keith does a great job of getting to the ball and knocks on
• Although we played last week, we looked rusty, with Savs and Phil playing tipsy uppies with the ball in the oppositions 22
• Tonsey makes a return and plays his first game of the season
• Thacks makes one of his miss passes, the ones that misses everyone with a 2 man overlap available
• From the kick off Gateshead young 4 takes the ball, catches Bricks napping and almost goes all the way. Gateshead do end up scoring and wake up time for the Bricks
• From the kick off Keiths they again, knocks on again, he’s back….. that fantastic take from the kick off last week is behind us
• Damien and Chris Collins both had good games for Gateshead, thanks to them for making the game happen. Damien made some good breaks and thankfully Chris was restrained to running the ball back as us as Gateshead inside centre on the day did not seem to be able to both catch and pass the ball or Chris’s pace could have hurt us.
• Keith and Stu were all over, both knocking Damien down, who after game shared a point we are all grateful for, we don’t have to play against the Bricks forwards
• Liam had a good game at fullback with good positional play and tackling
• Brett made numerous breaks, one put Liam free to round the defence and in at the corner
• Damien almost breaks Stu tackle, Nah, Stu recovers and downs him
• Liam break, Brett takes on and good pass into Matty Bell in support and Matty gets first try for the Bricks, doesn’t make up for spitting out Stella, but its a start
• Liam does Chris, but Chris recovers and takes him down.

Game was a good example of how clubs can help each other get a game played in these times while players are hard to come by. Game was played in good spirit and was very competitive with all parties in the bar afterwards having played a good game of rugby and sharing the experience, good result for local rugby and our best wishes to Gateshead and our hope we are competing with their 4ths again soon.

Next Week Wallsend IIs away, last time Keith got lost trying to find their ground, yes you guessed it, he lives in Wallsend.

1 Grumpy
2. Keith Winter
3. Brett
4. Graham Tomes
5. Marge
6. Matty Bell
7. Stu Bailey
8. Windy
9. Liam Bradley
10. Savs
11. Paul Dingley
12. Divers
13. Thacks
14. Damien
15. Chris Collins

Durham Cup – Seaton Carew 2s 15 – Blaydon Development 52

Cup rugby this week, with Blaydon Development playing away at Seaton Carew.  The opposition 2nds from the start were the team making the running and attacked our lines with enthusiasm but after 5 minutes Blaydon fired off. A text book move the back line punched a hole in the Seaton defence and scored under the posts converted. 0—7

Seaton continued to work hard catching and driving forward from the line out, but when in touching distance they suffered white line fever and were bundled out of play. Not deterred they stuck to their task. They were first to the break downs and secured the ball almost unopposed on every occasion. The home team from yet another line out attacked and scored in the corner 5–7.

Did we wake up? not really but when we put our minds to the task in hand we managed to score. Stracs drove over from the back of a ruck to make it 5–10 unconverted. The home team plugged away and again from a well drilled catch and drive they scored in the corner to make it 10–10.

When in possession we had too much time and space, it seemed too easy and we never moved up a gear, finally on 25 minutes a good phase of possession allow Blaydon to crash over in the corner 10–17 half time.

In the second half Seaton began to tire spending too much energy fighting for the ball Blaydon began to look the better team and the chances began to appear, dean ran in a second try 10–24 and Robbie ran a great line to  score  from recycled ball 10–31.

We started to move the ball around and created space allowing the wingers to push home, Marty found out the hard way that  when  near the line and you have defenders all around its best to dive  not run over the line then get tackled dropping the ball. Seaton never gave up and again from a line out their openside flanker caught the ball at the tail and ran through the Blaydon pack unchallenged to score 15–31.

Finally Blaydon began to play and put the game to bed with another attack which sent Joe cutting a path through 3 or 4 players to score 15–38 more forward pressure at the end resulted in the last score of the game.

Old Albanians 27 – Blaydon 27

[match id=97]

The importance of yellow cards was never better exemplified than in this close encounter, with Blaydon conceding 14 points whilst Gavin Jones was on the naughty step for not rolling away at a ruck.

Blaydon had been leading 13-17 before the turn-around, having taken a 4th minute lead when Andrew Baggett floated a kick to the wing for Tom Jeffery to race 30 metres and send in hooker Fran Entressengle.

Baggett added the extras and then a penalty but home fly-half Lawrence Rayner replied twice to reduce the deficit.

Old Albanians were moving the ball nicely at this point and grabbed a first try through winger Chris May who shot over in the corner and touched down behind the posts to make it an easy conversion.

Blaydon’s forward power regained them the lead before the break when the home side pulled down a scrum that was marching towards their line and a penalty try was awarded.

Unfortunately Jones was off the field for the start of the second period and Old Albanians took full advantage. May broke blindside from a ruck 30 metres out to race in for his second score and centre Johannes Lombard crossed from close range with Rayner converting both efforts, and the score had swung to 27-17.

It took Blaydon some time to recover from the set-back but eventually the pack regained control and from a catch and drive lock-forward Chris Wearmouth was driven over, soon to be followed by flanker Harry Bate to level the scores.

The home side pressed hard without ever looking like scoring and it was Blaydon who thought they had won it when they crossed the line again in the closing minutes. The referee blew for the score only to be consulted by his assistant and then reversed the decision so bringing to an end Blaydon’s 6 match winning run.

John Brennan

Durham Cup – Blaydon Bricks 68, Jarrovians IIs 3


Got a complaint from Vinnie as I missed one of his trys, after only playing this season he obviously did not realise the severity of ever, ever questioning the validity of a Bricks factual match report….. Mmmmmmm.. Anyway he score 3 and is bringing the stella to the next round

So Mr Lowsey, you owe 2 jugs of beer…….. And?

Trys: Vinnie 3, Lowsey 6, Goggles, Damien + another did not write down
Conv Lowsey 2, Thacks 2

What a difference a cup match makes, struggled for sides for weeks and then the well known 16th November arrives and we have 22 players available. Don’t get us wrong we want to win every game we play, but success of the season is based on if the 4th Team Shield is returned to the wall at Blaydon and the Bricks players know that.

Jarrovians are to be commended, they did not give up all the way through and the score does not really reflect the contribution they made, but just as STC found in the final last year, they fell to a very strong Bricks side.

Our side was strong due to:
• Lowsey who has helped us win 3 previous cups was available again after a number of weeks taking his coaching certificate, who scored 6 trys.
• Finnas who has played with Bricks this season stayed with us, as he got out of work too late to travel with the Development.
• Also the addition of Vinnie in the second row, which due to job change, he can no longer train to play Senior rugby, made his 3rd appearance for the Bricks.
• Horse, Stu Reay and Savs made a come-back from Injury and just about everyone else was available

The writing was on the wall at the first set piece when the Jarrovian’s flyhalf got caught, trying a little shuffle, then like a rabbit in the headlights as Strachs and Stu Bailey came off the back of a scrum and were in his face, He made it a bit too easy by standing far too close to his scrum half and not giving himself space, but this set the tone for the day. Any player who got the ball was confronted by the Bricks in force.

They were many highlights to the game and a lot of good appearances as you would expect from a squad this good, but as usual we will concentrate on where people did memorable things, in the match report:
• The Jarrovian’s Flyhalf shuffle in the first play where he had a back row either side of him and no-where to go
• Lowsey, to Divers who made a good break and back inside and we then screwed up the next pass
• Lowsey kicked our brand new ball into the River
• Divers through on good break, but tap tackled and went down like a bag of spanners
• Keith (Fingers) Winter took a great catch from the kick off, he never catches things like that, he was substituted at half time. Were the two things related?
• Divers pass to Paul, which would have been a scoring pass, had he been 2 foot taller
• Jarrow were unlucky not to score as we spilled the ball and their 13 kicked on only for the short dead-ball area to catch him out as his pace outstripped out back three. Joe’s fault for being away in Manchester.
• 2nd half Horse makes the call, under the kick off and drops it, he obviously had Keiths hands, side line went wild, he did subsequently pluck a kick off out of the air, but who cares…
• Horse line out ball, out to the backs and Divers puts Damien in the corner, for what I think was his first try for us
• Long time since we have seen Goggle score, good to see
• Good break from Chester in the centre but the final pass to his partner Divers was forward
• At the kick off, up goes a shout, a GB dashes out, just not quick enough as he got no-where close and the side line was in stitches, especially his broth Keith, who continuously offered advice latter in the bar on what he should have done.
• Matty Bell declares he does not like Stella as the cans are dished out at the end of game, they is no option but to drop him from the squad, for a cardinal sin …….. ;-)

Next week we are away to South Tyneside College, let’s see how what Bricks side turns up for that one

Blaydon Development 22 – Northern Wanderers 12

Playing on the top pitch in good sunny conditions the development team aided by the bricks managed to scrape together 14 players. We had never beaten northern in the league being pipped at the post twice in previous seasons by just one point.

A good start from Blaydon pinned northern into their 22 and a couple of promising attacks were halted 5 metres out. The visitors eventually pushed Blaydon back up field but, attacking right back at Northern, Blaydon forced a penalty 25 metres out, Joe ‘why i man’ strolled up to the ball kicking it over for 3 points.3-0.

Watching from the side line you could tell Northern were the team that trained together and on 20 min from good team play they scored – unconverted 3-5.

Another 10 minutes of even play until on 30mins we had our openside flanker binned for being offside for the 6th time (didn’t think so) down to 13 men  we ground out the last 10 minutes. Knowing the 2s had 16 players we dispatched a runner over to the river side pitch and asked for Chris Douglas from the bench. All this took time so i missed the half time team talk but we returned to find Blaydon had already scored from the kick off converted 10-5 (must have been a good talk).

Chris beefed up the pack and the game was evenly matched for the next 25 minutes the Blaydon defence were superb always up on their opposite man tackling and forcing the errors but we began to flag and northern pushed home the numerical advantage. On 34 minutes from a ruck 8 metres out the visitors span the ball wide to their backs, from deep came barrel man, A northern front row player who had been hanging back ran a great line, the ball was switched back inside for him to take at pace, cutting through 4 tackles he reached the line and gave the ball to his support to score – converted 10-12.

With only 6 minutes remaining and loosing, I was more than happy, we had played giving 100% we were out on our feet but we never gave up, I couldn’t ask for any more but in one last act of defiance we found a reserve of energy. From the kick off after good forward support play we found ourselves 5 metres out, no white line fever, we took our time and rolled the ball up to 3 metres Scott taking the ball in hand at the back of the ruck bulldozed over for the score in the right hand corner unconverted 15-12.

For the second week in a row we had nicked the game at the end but this week we had one last play. Blaydon collected the ball from the kick off and attacked with 2 minutes remaining at the breakdown northern turned over the ball but fumbled the pass. Joe Snowdon  and Scott Whitfield were on the loose ball Scott kicking the ball forward  both chased but it was Scott that broke clear kicking the ball another 5 meters  to touch down Joe ‘why i man’  converted making the final score 22-12.

Blaydon 22 – Doncaster Knights 17

[match id=96]

Blaydon’s remarkable turn-around in form took another step forward with this thoroughly deserved win over the league leaders that was more comprehensive than the final score-line might suggest. For long spells they had all the possession and territory whilst the visitors only came alive in the closing minutes with a first excursion into the 22 that produced a try and then a penalty to earn them a losing bonus point.

Blaydon Director of rugby Micky Ward declared himself to be ‘well chuffed’, saying “We didn’t pay too much attention to them, all we talked about beforehand was just to get stuck into them and see what they have got. They came at us hard in the first half but we weathered the storm and you have to give the lads their due. People say we are a forward orientated side but we took some great opportunities today”

Precious little ball handling was in evidence in the opening quarter with Andrew Baggett landing a penalty for Blaydon and Paul Roberts responding twice for the Knights to give them the lead. As the half progressed however it was Blaydon on the front foot more often than not and 5 minutes before the interval they secured an excellent opening try.

Flanker Harry Bate made the initial sortie into the 22, Tom Banks was hauled down just short and then from the resulting scrum Ben Morris threw out a long looping pass to the wing where the unmarked Sean Brown crossed with ease.

Doncaster were no more effective with the ball in hand after the break, relying on another Roberts penalty, and as Blaydon pressed and pressed it took a blatant offside by Brad Field to prevent a home score. The scrum-half was yellow carded for the offence and in his absence Blaydon grabbed a second try when good line-out ball was whipped along the line and Tom Grimes took a pass from Morris to jink his way over, Baggett converting.

At this stage there was still no sight of the normally free scoring Doncaster backs and it was Blaydon who continued to rule the roost and no surprise when the visitors line was crossed for a third time. Jonny Burn, a replacement scrum-half stormed into the 22, the forwards piled in and when Chris Wearmouth was held up Burn popped up again to burrow his way over.

Baggett’s conversion made it a substantial 22-9 lead and finally Doncaster were roused into positive action.

From broken play Bravo made a solo break that caught Blaydon napping and when good second phase was secured they shipped it out to winger Glen Bryce who with an impressive turn of foot shot clear to score in the corner. With time running out the previously reliable Roberts had the opportunity to earn his side a bonus point with the conversion but saw his kick drift narrowly wide.

Fortunately for Doncaster however the fly-half was given a second chance and in the dying seconds he made no mistake with a simple penalty.

Star man: Ben Morris (Blaydon)
Referee: Llyr Apgeriant-Roberts
Attendance: 420
HT: 8-6 FT: 22-17

Tries Brown 35, Grimes 62, Burn 69
Conversions: Baggett 62, 69
Penalty: Baggett 14.

Try: Bryce 74
Penalties Roberts 18, 22, 50, 79

Match Statistics

Blaydon Doncaster
9 Penalties conceded 9
8 Line-outs won 4
5 Line-outs lost 1
6 Scrums won 5
0 Scrums lost 0
1 Yellow Cards 1


Blaydon: Bailey 6, Jeffery 6, Grimes 6, Banks 6, Brown 6, Baggett 5, Davies 5 (Burn 6 63), Kalbraier 6 (Davison 5 52), Entressengle 5 (Hall 5 56), Ward 5 (Hallam 5 37), Wearmouth 6, Jones 5, Morris 8, Bate 7 (Laughlin 5 40), Smithson 8

Doncaster: Lennard 5, Jarvis 5, Slater 5 (Davies 5 65), Armitage 6, Bryce 5, Roberts 5, Field 5 (Bravo 5 71), Cosgrove 5 (Phillips 5 30), Santamaria 5, Morris 5, Kenworthy 5, Walker-Fitton 5 (Spencer 5 66), Challinor 7, Jones 7, Kettle 6

Reporter: John Brennan

From the Touchline – Sat 9th November

This weekend we have the pleasure of welcoming Doncaster Knights who, after being relegated from the Championship last season, are currently sitting top of National One having won eight of their games with only a narrow defeat at Henley to spoil the record.

Presently they are on 41 points having last week comfortably accounted for Tynedale 55 – 3 scoring nine tries in the process. Matt Clarke, a former Blaydon player, registered his second hat trick of the season and is now the league’s leading try scorer with eleven touch downs. Matt is well remembered at Blaydon for his scoring prowess and we will have to be on top form to prevent him adding to his total.

Last week we won an entertaining game from our point of view 39 – 5 against Henley Hawks who as mentioned above, had on the previous week, beaten our opponents today. In our match Henley did have ample possession but were unable to break our defensive line-up and in the latter stages fell away to some good attacking rugby which saw us register six tries.

Other games played last week saw Fylde account for the previously unbeaten Rosslyn Park, Wharfedale, Worthing, Esher and Blackheath easily accounted for their opposition and there was a narrow win for Old Albanian over Richmond.

The results see Doncaster Knights at the top with Esher three points behind, followed by Rosslyn Park on 33 points. At the bottom end of the table, Hull Ionians have two points and look, even at this stage, as if they will struggle to stay up – Tynedale are second bottom with ten points and just above them are Cinderford and Richmond. However, Tynedale and Cinderford have been in this position before and escaped but this season, competition is stronger than ever and both sides need to start up a run of victories.

Following on from the visits of Alan Robson and Bobby Snaith from South Africa, last week we had “Painless Pete” visiting from Sri Lanka and at the pre-match lunch, his guests were the grandsons of two former Presidents – Dr. Morrison (1897/1949) and John Armstrong (1949). Painless is still here this week and hopes to see us record our sixth successive victory!

This weekend’s match is sponsored by our JUNIOR SECTION to whom we offer our thanks for their continued support and the match ball is also sponsored by long-term supporter JAMES BUCHANAN recently returned from his Indian travels!

Finally, many thanks to all the players and supporters who turned out for stewarding duties on the extremely wet Bonfire Night. Whilst numbers were down on last year, we still ended up on the positive side. Thanks also to Sheila Archibald in the office and to Richard Hails and Eric Hall for their administrative duties.





Blaydon Development 8 – Horden 6

22 players named in the squad on Thursday night, but 4 missing down the Swalwell tunnel meant 18 turned out, two of the lads making their senior debuts LIAM and FRAZER WRIGHT, TWINS. Trouble was 8 players were back row.

On an awful Saturday we elected to kick up field .The wind, rain and mud ensured up the jumper rugby HORDEN looked the better team, but the individual skill and determination of the young Blaydon side kept the away team at bay until on 10 minutes an infringement in a ruck gave Horden a penalty, which they should have ran but they elected to kick for 3 points.

A slow start from Blaydon saw 10 minutes pass by before we began to gain territory from the catch and drive allowing us to move into an attacking position. 7 meters out on 20 minutes we were awarded a scrum; our front row led by FOZZY forced the Horden scrum to collapse. Unfortunately as everyone got back on their feet the Horden hooker remained on the floor, Doctor Orrick was called over from the first team game, just to make safe and the lad was taken to hospital by ambulance. We have contacted Horden and they have said he will make a complete recovery.

Both teams returned to the changing rooms to thaw oot. This all took over 20 minutes and the light was beginning to fade so it was decided to swap around and play the second half.  All the play was centred around the middle of the field the conditions preventing free flowing rugby.  Most of our success was coming from the catch and drive. After 20 minutes of the second half we began to edge ahead   driving 10 to 15 meters up field. Disciplined mauling, allowed Sanders playing at 9 to scramble over the line for a try 5-3.

We thought we had turned the game but at the break downs we became sloppy and the penalty count began to mount against us. Into the last 10 minutes and we gave away another penalty 10 meters out in front of our posts 5 -6. The pressure was now on us. 6 minutes left, and a Horden player joined the maul from the side. Sanders picked the ball intending to run. Changing his mind, Blaydon decided to kick for goal 25 meters out 10 meters from touch line 3 minutes left. It was worth a go DEAN kicked the ball straight through the posts 8-6. Into the last 2 minutes and in possession game won BUT hanging on to the ball gave Horden one last kick at goal, falling just short of the posts for us to nick the win.

Good performance from both LIAM and FRAZER on their first senior outing

Blaydon 39 – Henley 5

[match id=95]

Blaydon have put their poor start to the season well and truly behind them with 4 successive wins before yesterdays demolition job on visitors Henley who 7 days earlier had toppled the league leaders.

Without ever really dominating the game they ran in 3 tries in each half, scarcely missing an opportunity, whilst Henley had but a single response. To be fair to the visitors they did have the bulk of possession and pressed the home line for long spells, only to be comfortably kept at bay by a ferocious Blaydon defence.

Henley could have scored twice in the opening 4 minutes but soon fell behind when Andy Davies the Blaydon scrum-half squeezed over in the corner and then hooker Fran Entressengle broke off from a rolling maul to score on the other side. By the interval winger Tom Jeffrey had intercepted to race clear for a third to make it 19-0 and within a minute of the restart lock-forward Chris Wearmouth popped up on the wing to storm over.

Henley were finally rewarded for their pressure when Liam O’Neill was put clear by Will Robinson but seemingly each time Blaydon went forward the result was another nail in the visitors coffin.

Robbie Kalbraier and then winger Sean Brown ran in tries number 5 and 6 and fly-half Andrew Baggett added a penalty to his 3 successful conversions.

Star man: Robbie Kalbraier (Blaydon)

Referee: Andrew Jackson
Attendance: 320
HT: 19-0 FT 39-5


Tries: Davies 9, Entressengle 25, Jeffrey 28, Wearmouth 41, Kalbraier 65, Brown 74
Conversions: Baggett 25,28,74.
Penalty: Baggett 72

Try: O’Neill 49

Reporter: John Brennan