Saturday 6th April – Durham 3rd Team Cup – Blaydon Development 21, Winlaton Saxons 25

A great game, that could have gone either way, played hard, physical but in good spirit, what an entertaining edge of the seat game right to that last whistle when Blaydon nearly won it with a break out of the 22, all in all, a great advertisement for Durham County Cup Rugby.

A game of 2 differing styles; Winlaton with a big pack and forward dominance, and Development with pace in both backs and forward that put fear into the Saxons every time they got the ball, but for a few decisions, some our own, it could have been very different, it was just a shame that someone had to lose and really hard to swallow that it was this bunch of lads. The youth with complete lack of fear to try anything from anywhere, the ability with the ball, the fitness and the never give up attitude on display in this team (with about 9 of this squad U20s) is a great sign for the future of Blaydon RFC.

We lost by a score to a team who knew their strength was big forwards and used them well, who continuously slowed the game down (can’t blame them for that!) and Blaydon with ball in hand looked capable of scoring from anywhere, just a shame we left a couple of trys out there, not capitalising on overlaps, a stray foot in touch when running a try in, penalised for what was a charge down, which instead of taking the conversion for what was a good score, we were back defending a penalty against, for a judged deliberate knock on from a Winlaton kick!!!!. To be fair to the officials, aside from yellow carding the wrong player in the first half and this decision. the officials did a good job on the day and helped make the game the spectacle it was.

It would be wrong to single anyone out, the whole squad contributed to what was a great effort and you were unlucky not to come away with the win, well done all.

Congratulations to Winton Saxons, enjoy the year, these lads will take the cup back from you next year.

Photos by Derek Turnbull:


Trys: Jak 2, Max 1
Conv: Jak 3



1 Damien Martinez
2 Oliver Williams
3 Jake Jobey (Scott Kelly)
4 Ewan Lowry
5 Will Daniels (Matt Johnson)
6 Rob Pyle
7 Jake Armstrong
8 Andrew Steinburg
9 Jak Tuck
10 Mark McCallan
11 Craig Oliver (Tom Allway)
12 Max Nellis
13 Damien Ameer-Beg (Capt)
14 Ewan Prichard
15 James Murray (Andrew Savory)
16 Cameron Richardson
17 Brett Hanratty
18 Scott Kelly
19 Matthew Johnson
20 Adam Tunrbull
21 Tom Allway
22 Andrew Savory

Development & Bricks through to Durham County Cup Finals

Confirmation of dates for the two finals:

3rd Team Cup Final:
Saturday 6th April – Durham 3rd Team Cup
Winlaton Saxons v Blaydon Development at Gateshead, KO 3pm

4th Team Shield:
Saturday 13th April – Durham 4th Team Shield
Houghton Boars v Blaydon Bricks at Ryton, KO 3pm

Blaydon Development progress to final of Durham County 3rd Team Cup

Great admiration to Consett 3rds, who came up against a very youthful Development side on the full size AGP, but although the referee offered to cut short the game they stayed with it to the end and scored 2 good trys, the whole game was played in great spirit.


Thanks to Derek for the photos 161 online at


The Development side contain around 9 players under the age of 20, the speed and ability of these guys, added to some ‘older’ heads to contribute bags of experience was just too much for Consett 3s. There was so much pace in this side, both forwards and backs, Consett had no idea where the next line break was coming from. It was a very entertaining game for the crowd with some brilliant trys and played in brilliant spirit by Consett who were just up against a better side on the day, their Captain & team did the Consett club proud, it happens, we’ve all been on the wrong side of unmatched sides, you play, you shake hands, you drink in the bar and move on, all achieved. Our thanks also to Keith Oliver, Paul Winter and Ewan Lowry, all of whom played for Consett as they sustained injuries as the game came to a close.


Trys: Mark MacC 3, Craig Y, Dammo, Rob P, Damien A-B, Jak T, Ryan R, James M, Paddy, Savs, ??

Conv: Jak 4, James M 2, Mark Mac 1


Highs & Lows:

  • Line speed and hits in defence were immense, especially around the edges of the mauls from the likes of Ewan, Rob, Jake and Dammo.
  • Oliver, Paddy and Ewan from the forwards were everywhere, in attack  and defence
  • Breaks came from everywhere, especially, Jak T, Mark Mac, Max, Craig Y, Ryan, then  Savs and James when they came on.
  • David R got the ball out wide, rounded the winger, who had a lot more experience than him, (shall we say) and then somehow seemed to run around in a circle and managed to get himself tangled in his Zimmer frame and step out of play.
  • Consett had no answer to Craig Y, Ryan or Mark Mac jinking runs
  • Paddy secured good lineout ball
  • James Murray was having a wingding time on the bench, first deciding he was injured and couldn’t play, declaring he couldn’t play 9, 10 or 15, then feeling left out as he was not starting (although he was part of the Bricks squad till their game was conceded)  so we put him on at 10 and then 9 in the 2nd half, it shut him up and he played well at both, as James does, possibly just experiencing the change of life, early…..
  • Looked  like Jake broke his nose, but he was convinced it was just a bit blood and was only happy when he went back on
  • Great break from Dammo thro from around halfway on the fullback, got to 22, with pace to burn idling in 1st gear on either side of him, too many options, fullback took him down, renamed ‘Dammo, won’t pass’
  • Matt R crossed the try line but didn’t seem to want to put it down!
  • Keith O went on for Consett, great sportsmanship, but shortly afterwards he was probably having 2nd thoughts as Ewan and Rob hit him as he received a looping pass, which set him up to get hit, ‘Oh Sh1te’ was heard, just before he was hit hard.
  • Paul Winter went on for Consett in front row and him and Tom described the scrums as aggressive cuddling, not many smiles on the photos from them, too busy preparing for the cuddle!
  • Savs made a great break from own 22 and slowed up to let James M catch up, to run it in from 22 and score…
  • Ewan Lowry went on for Consett and immediately ran over the top of Damien A-B, but lost the ball with the line beckoning.
  • Adam came on, went for glory near the line, but knocked on


Great display from a very talented, with Winlaton 2s beating Sunderland 2s in the other leg, its sets up a local derby for the final, date still to be agreed.


  1.  Damien Martinez
  2.  Oliver Williams
  3.  Brett Hanratty
  4.  Ewan Lowry
  5.  Matthew Johnson
  6.  Rob Pyle
  7.  Jake Armstrong
  8.  Paddy Cooper
  9.  Jak Tuck
  10.  Mark MacCallan
  11.  Craig Youngmn
  12.  Max Nellis
  13.  Damien Ameer-Beg (Capt)
  14.  David Reay
  15. Ryan Robson
  16.  Cameron Richardson
  17.  Tom Hirst
  18.  Paul Winter
  19.  Adam Turnbull
  20.  James Murray
  21. Matt Robertson
  22.  Andrew Savory


Blaydon Development move into the 3rd Team Cup Semi-final

Sat 16th February, Blaydon Development 31, Ryton 2s 20

• Trys: Ollie, Jon Curry 2, Fraser, Jake
• Conv: Cameron 2, Mark M.


Photos, sorry not many as we had no pitch side photographer (jobspot open) few below, rest online:   


With a good mix of youth and Vets, Blaydon were just too strong for a very young Ryton side. Thanks to our Vets who turned out, they will know they were in a game this morning: Damo, Brett, Jon Curry, Wardy & Ryan.


Damien A-B stepped up as captain, led the pre-game, galvanised them into a team, which became more evident as the game developed, the whole squad improved. Only blot on his day was a yellow card…

Highs & Lows:
• Forwards were immense in the loose, taking ball on and battering through Ryton defence
• Paddy provided great ball from the line out
• Scrum took a little time to settle, but came out on top
• Fraser, Mark M and Craig Y were a real handful, making big yards, Ryton just couldn’t control them
• Ollie and Paddy were everywhere, both in attack and defence
• Cameron got 2 kicks…..
• Wardy was back to tricks with reverse passes
• Great to see Rob Pyle back, he still hits as hard in the tackle
• Ryan snuffed out Ryton’s kick/chase at Fullback and as always was great in defence
• I kept cringing for Ryton every time Jon Curry ran at them…. He bagged 2 trys and with a few more games under his belt he will score more.
• Someone caught me with my own camera, two handed drinking, well it had been a stressful week… and I knew the Bricks were 12:0 down at halftime.


Even with the introduction of 3 Fijians in the 2nd half, (delayed on their journey from Catterick Army Base) Blaydon forwards still outmuscled them and our backs knocked Ryton down.


Semi-final will be 2nd March away at Consett 3s


1 Damien Martinez
2 Oliver Williams
3 Brett Hanratty (Jake Jobey)
4 Will Daniels
5 Jon Curry
6 Rob Pyle
7 Cameron Richardson
8 Paddy Cooper
9 Mark Ward
10 Fraser Wright (Darren Cook)
11 Craig Youngmn
12 Mark MacCallan
13 Damien Ameer-Beg (Capt)
14 Craig Oliver
15 Ryan Robson

Durham County Cup Draw 2018/19


First round: 13th October

Quarter Final: 16th February

Semi Final: 2nd March


2nd Team Cup

Saturday 13th October – Georgians have a Bye

3rd Team Cup

Saturday 13th October – Development away to Hartlepool IIs

4th Team Shield

Shield starts at Quarter Final stage as there are only 8 teams involved

Saturday 16th February, away to Ryton 3rds


Blaydon Development 47 Vs Ryton IIs 42 – Development secure maximum points league win

Good to see some old and new faces in a Blaydon shirt:
• Scott Kelly has returned to the club and was a handful for Ryton
• Jake Jobey has also returned, having been in Blaydon youth and will certainly strengthen our front 5 capability

• Ewan Lowry from last years U18 played for both the 2s and the Development on the day
• Lee Guest has returned after his travels and work commitments and fitted straight in
• Anth has returned to playing, from not turning up to carry the water bottles and played his part in the victory

Some thanks:
• First to Ryton, who came a long with 13 so we both got a game
• Next to Jake Jobey and Paul Winter for playing a half each for Ryton

Few points on the photos above:
• You can see our forwards looking at Scott holding the ball, thinking, well there’s only 3 of them, no hurry
• Good to see Jake back playing, although first thing he did was play first half for Ryton……
• Doesn’t Paul look good in blue… we may be able to trade him for a box of Stella… a full case 24 * 330ml mind…
Photos: Click here for Flickr – Sorry only 21 photos this week, was me taking the photos and we know that doesn’t work…

Other highs & lows from the game:
• Blaydon forwards were in the ascendancy with good lineouts, driving, interplay and support play
• You could tell it was early in the season and first game for the Development side, tackling wasn’t where it should have been, as can be seen from the sharing of 89 points.
• Good tackling in the backs from Savs and Divers
• Not sure where Anth was going, on one of the defensive, he got all excited and I think he took the inside centre….
• Guesty wanted me to mention his try saving tackle on the big Fijian and seemed hurt I didn’t get it on camera, reality is I hardly got anything photos, too busy watching the game…. Given he asked, we will watch more closely to be able to report any of his howlers next game….
• Bit confusion at a kick off, with Arran, Hopey and Stracks all looking at each other and a Ryton player running in a stealing the ball.
• Paul Winter dropped a kick off in the second half, we assured Ryton he does it all the time when he’s playing for us
• Hopey did well with Conversions; 5 from 7

Summary; first game for the Development, a hard fixture against a very quick Ryton side and a clash of 2 styles, Blaydon with forward power and Ryton with youngsters capable of scoring from anywhere, but a win with maximum league points, couldn’t ask for any more

Next week Development travel to Berwick

• Trys: Arran 2, Hopey, James, Divers, Stracks, Savs
• Convs: Hopey 5

1. Scott Kelly
2. Tom Hirst
3. Paul Winter (Jake Jobey)
4. Arran Poad
5. James Knox (Ewan Lowry)
6. Cameron Richardson
7. Stracks
8. Stu Bailey
9. Hopey
10. Phil Divers
11. Damien Shaw
12. Lee Guest
13. Peter Andrew Bath
14. Anth
15. Savs

Pre-Season to start Monday 19th June

We hope you enjoyed the break and time with friends and family, now the work as a club for 2017/18 Season begins, all welcome:

Pre season will start on Monday 19th June and will run every Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays for 5 weeks.

Monday and Thursdays will be at Blaydon Rugby Club

Tuesdays will be at Druid Park NE13 8DF (Next to the Airport)

Training will start at 7pm sharp and will be games based with running intervals.

Looking forward to seeing you all down.



2017/18 League tables for National Two North, Candy and Northumberland






CANDY 1  (12 team) CANDY 2 (12 team) ALN LEAGUE (12 team)
Alnwick 2

Blaydon Georgians

Billingham 2

Darlington Mowden Park 2

Gateshead 2

Middlesbrough 2

Morpeth Reivers

Northern Wanderers

Novos 2

Percy Park Lions

Tynedale Raiders

West Hartlepool 2

Acklam 2

Barnard Castle 2

Bishop Auckland 2

Consett 2

Durham City 2

Darlington Mowden Park 3

Hartlepool 2 (NEW team)

Hartlepool Rovers 2

Horden and Peterlee 2

Medicals 2

Stockton 2

Westoe 2

Alnwick Lions

Ashington 2

Blaydon Development

Corbridge Centurions

Gateshead 3

Gosforth Phoenix

Morpeth Edwardians

Novos 3

Ponteland 2

Ryton 2

Sunderland 2

Whitley Bay Rockcliff Vikings





Berwick Bears

Blaydon Bricks

Morpeth Stags

Northern Panthers

Percy Park Pumas

West End

Winlaton Vulcans Saxons

Northumbria University Team (Jack Lamberts team – NEW)


Blyth 2

Consett 3

Houghton Boars

Medicals Serpents

Novos Centurions

North Shields Crusaders

South Shields Mariners

Whitley Bay Rockcliff Rangers


Ashington 3

Blyth 3

Border Park

Chester le Street 2

Gosforth Falcons

Jarrovians 2

Newcastle Ravens

North Shields Artisans

Ponteland Pythons

Ryton 3

Seghill Deputies

Sunderland 3

Wallsend Warriors

Westoe 3




Blaydon 27, Darlington MP 14


Blaydon brought down the curtain for the season at Crow Trees with a rousing performance, particularly from the forwards who had the upper hand throughout, driving the visitors off their own ball in the scrum, and backwards at an alarming rate when driving for the line.
Darlington had the advantage of the first score on 7 minutes but had few opportunities thereafter and have now won only 1 out of 4 ‘Derby’ encounters since joining Blaydon in National League One.
Director of rugby Micky Ward was full of praise for his side, saying “We had a good balance of a team out there non today, we had the bit between our teeth and the lads performed”
Winger Jake Henry got the opener when he latched onto a long pass to race in at speed, Chris Auld converting, but Blaydon were quick to respond when they won a line-out against the throw. Tom Rock stormed into the 22 for Ben Stevenson to show a clean pair of heels to the Darlington defence, Andrew Baggett adding the extras.
The visitors lost a player to the sin-bin when they pulled down a Blaydon drive but it was still 7-7 at the interval. Two minutes into the second period however another Darlington infringement was punished by Jason Smithson, in the usual manner from a line-out drive, his 25th try of the season.
Park then had a spell on attack with some smart passing but only leading to their downfall when they threw out one long pass too many. Stevenson intercepted just outside his own 22 and set off unchallenged for his second score of the game.
Baggett again converted and also added a penalty to take it to 22-7 but quick thinking by Darlington replacement scrum-half pulled back 7 points. Receiving possession not far out he dummied to move it on and shot through under the posts, converting the effort himself with a drop-kick.
Blaydon’s lead was down to just 8 points and all their good work might have been in jeopardy but with time running out they put together a final attack through the hands for Tom Grimes to finish off in style down the left.

John Brennan

Blaydon RFC fixtures and selection for Saturday April 16th

Firsts away at Henley Hawks KO 3:00

After the delight of securing our national one future we now have our sights set on finishing the season on a high. The squad hoping to do that has a few changes from last week, in the front row young hooker Jack Beckwith starts along with Andrew Archibald who is in for Keith Laughlin. In the backs Tom Rock misses out with a hamstring strain so school boy Ben Stevenson starts at outside center. We have two new editions on the bench, England 20’s captain Callum Chick is one the second is fly half Jack Emerson.


Georgians & Development – rest weekend

Bricks v Novos 3s – Friendly at home 3pm KO

Finnas, Craig Mc, Joe Melia, Grumpy
Cliff, Windy, Harry, Steve Sewell, keith O, Ian Bennie, Stracks

James Murray, Nathan Johnson, Chester, Stu R, Rob Pyle, Anth, Paul Dingley, Goggle, Divers,