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Sat. 24th March – 4th Team Shield Semi Final – South Shields Mariners 3, Blaydon Bricks 38

This was always going to be a difficult fixture, both the Bricks & Mariners would have targeted the 4th Team Shield this year, with Mariners strong this season, haven put out 3 teams at times this season. Bricks had played the Mariners twice early in the season and lost both, although first game we had 12 men and had to lend players. Bricks are a late season team, we always struggle getting full squads out before Xmas, the Ryton Xmas games seem to ignite the Bricks and then the numbers start to grow. This was a planned cup match with dates known back last June and the Bricks where they can, ensure availability for the three 4th team Cup games involved.

It would be wrong to single out individuals (with 2 exceptions I’ll come too) in this game, it was a fantastic squad performance with Mariners beaten in the end by a more experienced (they was 15 Vets in the 27 squad and 10 in the starting team) streetwise team, backed by youth in key positions. The ‘Finishers’ who came on took over without a gap in skill or capability and the strength on the bench with fresh legs was a big contributor to the result.

You can bet the guys from both teams would have known Sunday morning they had been in a bruiser, there was physical clashes all over the park and big hits from both sides, it was full on with no quarter given.

As I always tell the team I hate cup matches, people who know me hate them even more, often just avoiding (more than normal) me, Tracy left the country to escape the lead up to the cup match. I get hyper for the week before the game (Sorry guys!!!) and it continues until the final whistle, thankfully the experienced heads in the team keep us on track once the team is on the pitch. The cause, the 4th Team Shield is really the only thing this team focuses on, the league ensures we get games, but we always approach those games with a basis of everybody players, even if just starting to learn the game, it’s more about people taking part, rather than the win. In the cup matches it’s about the win. Also you’re limited to 7 subs and reality is, you don’t want to make too many changes as it can disrupt the team, so you wait for injuries or players to wear themselves out, to force your hand, which means when you have a large squad, lots of people don’t get on. The squad was fantastic, people went on when needed and the rest were there for the ones on the pitch, giving support, taking photos, running on with water & kicking tee and sharing in the victory as they deserve.

The highs and lows:

· Forwards were great going forward, took the ball on well, with a lot of support and offloads going to Bricks hands well
· Our scrum was too strong for the Mariners, they failed to secure a lot of their own ball
· We also took a fair amount of their lineout ball and vast majority of our own.
· Mariners had a very good strong young centre, but his game was straight running and our centres cut him down every time.
· Our backs lines of running caused Mariners real problems, making good yards and always with our backrow there to secure the ball when we were stopped.
· I think the backs were just trying to stress me, (probably deserved, for my loud, lecture in the changing rooms, you know you probably over did it, when you finish, ask your Captain (Paul Winter) if he has anything to add and his response is, you’ve said more than enough…. ) with a couple of attempts to run out of the 22, when a kick would have relieved the pressure.
· Front 5 carried well and our backrow were everywhere, both in attack and defence
· The teams defence was immense, keeping Mariners to a penalty score only.
· There is always a spell in any game where a side comes into their own and for the Mariners, that was about 10 mins into the 2nd half, they were camped in our 22 and having their best spell of the match, but the Blaydon defence, to a man was not breached and they left empty handed and you could see heads drop somewhat, as they lost the opportunity to get back into the game.
· First of the 2 mentions; has to go to Rodders, when you call your full back when he’s late for the meet time and wake him up with less than 40 minutes to kick off, it puts a bit of a spanner in the works….
· 2nd mention goes to Jak Tuck from our U18s, who has played for us in league but stepped up into a cup semi-final against a good Mariner’s scrum half in later stages of the second half and played well, scoring a good try.

So, a good hard fought win, then back to Mariners club house, (a good few short as many went off to the Falcons game at SJP) and great hospitality from the Mariners. The final will be on the 21st April, venue to be determined, against Houghton Boars, so a repeat of last year’s close won final.

Thanks to Derek for the majority of the photos:


· Trys: Liam, Arran 2, Vinnie, Chester, Jak
· Conv Alex 2, Rodders 2

Semi Final winning squad:
· Paul Winter
· Keith Winter
· Tom Hirst
· Phil Partington
· Steve Sewell
· Mark Todd
· Keith Oliver
· Derek Turnbull
· James Knox
· Simon Drennon
· Justin Clarke
· Arran Poad
· Paul Vinnicombe
· Liam Bradley
· Jak Tuck
· Alex Twinn
· Lewis Hill
· Ryan Robson
· Paul Dingley
· Mark Hopewell
· Steven Davidson
· Phil Divers
· Peter Andrew Bath
· Matt Robinson
· Damien Shaw
· Robert Pyle
· David Reay

Boxing Day – First round to Blaydon XV 27-5, all to play for on 30th Dec. at Ryton 1pm KO

A large festive crowd gathered on a bright winters day to see two large squads from both sides turn out for this contest.

Blaydon squad was a mix from the club with:

  • Some of the Blaydon youth, who have come through in previous years and are now in the first team squad, were very keen to turn out for a social game; Andy, Dan, James, Owen & Sean
  • Georgians/Development squad; Jack, Jake, James Murray, Lewis and Callum
  • Bricks represented by Goggle, Justin, Dingley 2, Cameron, GB, Stracks, Texas (he’s still a Brick, on loan at Winlaton) and Tom
  • Couple of guests; Shane from USA in for Christmas and Dave Walton from Winlaton who just turned up on spec. to see if he could get a game, it’s Boxing day all welcome!.


Thanks to Windy and Sean for the pictures, sample below, rest available:



  • Blaydon defence was immense with Ryton having more of the ball, but unable to breach our lines until a break from the young 9 close to the end.
  • Andy and Owen swapped at half time, both provided quick ball from 9 and made good yards while at 15
  • Front row enjoyed the skirmish against a good Ryton pack, especially Tom who was lining up scrumhalf, see the photos on Facebook and on Bricks site.
  • James Cooney scored 3 long range try’s while he was on the field in the first half.
  • Blaydon backs always looked dangerous with ball in hand and had pace to burn.
  • Jack, Jake, Callum, Shane, Sean and Justin got round the park and made life difficult for Ryton to gain any momentum
  • Strachs made some good yards going forward and some big hits in defence
  • Texas tackling, yes honest it happened..
  • Ryton had a very good, young 9 and 10 on display.
  • Keith wasn’t available, so Paul took his yellow card for him!. He doth protest his innocence too much I think, even tried afterwards in the bar, with the totally unbiased independent referees….
  • Changes at half time brought Dan, Jake, James Murray and David Walton on, so even more pace introduced
  • Forwards will know they were in a contest after this game with some big hits and impacts
  • Texas’s kick across field into Sean’s arms, as he lurked on the side line and ran in, no clue what a hooker was doing out there! But good try.


In summary really entertaining game, but job only half done, with second round on Saturday 30th 1pm at Ryton, with winner being over both games, Blaydon have the advantage, but first team squad being rested for return of the league campaign, so more 2nds/3rds and Bricks being called up.



Trys: James 3, Sean & Jake

Conv. Lewis 1



1 Paul Winter  (Matty Bell)

2 Shane  (Sean Pyle)

3 Tom Hirst

4 Jack Inglis

5 Callum Gasgoigne

6 Cameron Richardson  (Jake Armstrong)

7 Justin Clark

8 Strachs

9 Andy Richardson  (Owen Reed)

10 Texas

11 Paul Dingley (David Walden)

12 James Cooney  (Dan Turland)

13 Lewis Hill

14 Craig Barlow  (James Murray)

15 Owen Reed (Andy Richardson)

Durham County Cup

Next round draws available for County Cup



2nd Team Cup

3rd Team Cup


4th Team Shield


Great result for the Development on Saturday against Newton Aycliffe (2s) Newtonians, other results and next rounds available online:

Georgians at home to Hartlepool Rovers
Development away to West Hartlepool.
Bricks away to Chesterlee Street 2s


Saturday 23rd September, Blaydon Bricks 33, South Shields Mariners 36

First half was some of the best play from a Bricks side in a long time and we blew them away, the second half, it’s all been said, except to say they scored more points in the second half than we did in both halves and took the win, which never looked likely in the first half. Every now and again a team has a game like this, thank goodness we got rid of it at the start of the season and in a friendly……



Trys: Keith W 2, Divers 2, Damien S

Conv: Divers 4

The day started really well, we had 4 subs, most players playing in the right positions, a home game, playing at home with the One’s, (which doesn’t happen very often) we had a nice day and a good crowd (even Cliff showed himself…)


Mariners announced just as we were about to kick off that it was uncontested scrums, it was good they turned up to fulfil the fixture, bit anyone who has played in such a game knows it ruins the whole thing for all teams, most of all for the Bricks who have always been naturally strong in the scrummage department. The other problem it causes is the forwards don’t have to put as much effort into the set pieces and they have excess energy and start to get mischievous and try new things with the additional energy, like kicking……. GB, Aaron of note



You’ll note given I did them, not Finnaz, there is no-where near the amount from the Blyth game, which can be found under the 2017/18 collection!


The game highs and lows:

First half:

  • Great interplay with forwards and back interlinking and making sizable yards
  • Good lines of running from Chester, Divers and Damien A
  • 3 hookers on the pitch and non could consistently throw the ball straight, so normal Saturday there then!
  • Damien A chipped the ball into Divers arms, pure fluke, but we took it…
  • Paul, Keith W, Aaron, Stracks, Brett made good yards in the forwards
  • Steve Sewell, Savs, Stu B were all over the park
  • Stu B again played scrumhalf for us and did a good job, ignoring the couple times he forgot he was scrumhalf and played open-side, very well….. I’m sure he’d say his team mates should cover 9 when he goes hunting….

Second half – forgotten….. we lost and retired to the bar to drink Moretti which we did very well, right through to last ones in Sun/Maids and Pizza in Swalwell around closing time…


The squad could have been larger, but we had two cry offs from the guys who had targeted this game for a first game together for the Brick’s:

  • Ian Kelly – tweaked something in training……….
  • Tony Horsfall – you’ll hear more about this one, but fair to say for someone to get on the ‘Court Session’ list, even before he has ever put on a Brick’s playing shirt, is some achievement – GB has the evidence, it will be a short hearing.


Next week sees us return to League rugby, up the hill to Winlaton Saxons and we both need a win and points.



  1. Paul W
  2. Ian Bennie
  3. Brett Hanratty         (Steve Palmer)
  4. Keith Winter
  5. Steve Sewell             (Keith Oliver)
  6. Aaron Poad
  7. Cameron                    (Craig McBernie)
  8. Stracks
  9. Stu Bailey
  10. Savs
  11. Damien S                  (Steve Sewell)
  12. Chester
  13. Damien A
  14. Paul Dingley              (Damien A)
  15. Divers                         (Hopey)



Saturday 16th September – Westend 28, Blaydon Bricks 15

One that got away……..

Should have known things could go wrong, when the forwards introduced spelling into the line out calls – no one jumped on the first practice as both worked out it was the other’s ball…..


Game started well with Blaydon forwards taking the ball on, keeping possession from Westend and our backs making good yards with some good lines of running. We were soon two scores up and it could/should have been more.


You could tell it was early in season with a number of mistakes being made, balls dropped, running across the pitch instead of forward/direct, but we were on top and looking to our first league win. A yellow card gave us a bit of a set back and Westend took advantage and scored a try, although very good defence from Blaydon kept them out time after time.


Half time gave Westend the opportunity to bring on fresh legs, unfortunately we started the game with only 1 sub and not longer after half time we had 3 walking wounded; Harry, Keith O and Steve Palmer who given we had no subs remaining had to carry on.


There was an apparently deliberate trip, for one of their trys’ but given it was Dingley 2 on Divers we really couldn’t complain to the ref….


This is going to be a hard league this year and this was one that got away, but for a couple subs with fresh legs!



Trys: Harry, Knoxy & Hopey


  1. Steve Palmer
  2. Keith Winter
  3. Tom Hirst
  4. Will
  5. Keith Oliver
  6. James Knox
  7. Mark Todd
  8. Harry
  9. Stu Bailey
  10. Savs
  11. Steve Sewell    (Hopey)
  12. Chester
  13. Damien A
  14. Paul Dingley
  15. Divers



2017/18 League tables for National Two North, Candy and Northumberland






CANDY 1  (12 team) CANDY 2 (12 team) ALN LEAGUE (12 team)
Alnwick 2

Blaydon Georgians

Billingham 2

Darlington Mowden Park 2

Gateshead 2

Middlesbrough 2

Morpeth Reivers

Northern Wanderers

Novos 2

Percy Park Lions

Tynedale Raiders

West Hartlepool 2

Acklam 2

Barnard Castle 2

Bishop Auckland 2

Consett 2

Durham City 2

Darlington Mowden Park 3

Hartlepool 2 (NEW team)

Hartlepool Rovers 2

Horden and Peterlee 2

Medicals 2

Stockton 2

Westoe 2

Alnwick Lions

Ashington 2

Blaydon Development

Corbridge Centurions

Gateshead 3

Gosforth Phoenix

Morpeth Edwardians

Novos 3

Ponteland 2

Ryton 2

Sunderland 2

Whitley Bay Rockcliff Vikings





Berwick Bears

Blaydon Bricks

Morpeth Stags

Northern Panthers

Percy Park Pumas

West End

Winlaton Vulcans Saxons

Northumbria University Team (Jack Lamberts team – NEW)


Blyth 2

Consett 3

Houghton Boars

Medicals Serpents

Novos Centurions

North Shields Crusaders

South Shields Mariners

Whitley Bay Rockcliff Rangers


Ashington 3

Blyth 3

Border Park

Chester le Street 2

Gosforth Falcons

Jarrovians 2

Newcastle Ravens

North Shields Artisans

Ponteland Pythons

Ryton 3

Seghill Deputies

Sunderland 3

Wallsend Warriors

Westoe 3




Blaydon Bricks regain the Durham 4th Team Shield

Bricks secured a 6th Shield win in seven years in a tightly contested game against Houghton Boars (2nds)  with final score 18-3


Bricks, bring back the Shield…….. and it’s back where it belongs:


Thanks to Houghton Boars for what was a great final, contested right to the end, they was definitely sighs of relief when Rodders scored his second try a few minutes from the end, to make it 18-3.

Thanks to everyone who travelled to watch the final, support from the side line was fantastic, it was like a home game….

Thanks to Robin and Richard for covering Physio

Game was a double header, league and cup game.

It’s always hard to write a cup final match report, as you all know I HATE cup matches, don’t get me wrong it’s fantastic winning the shield, but the build up, who to select, subs to make and then when you are pushed all the way as were yesterday, once the final whistle went the game just went out my head and drinking started, what a relief ……

Some headlines:

  • Scrumage was excellent
  • Rob Pyle and Drennon were everywhere
  • Line out worked well
  • Forwards took the ball on well
  • Defence from the whole team was immense, what ball Boars got they got knocked back
  • Positional kicking was good
  • Rodders took his two trys well
  • Ref could have given us advantage rom our scrums instead of constant penalties and Owen would have scored, as it happens he was brought  back and we were given a penalty
  • We scored more points and won!

After game entertainment:

  • Buchanan room was packed
  • Pennies game was legendary
  • Songs were flowing
  • As was Moretti, Guinness & John Smiths, bar staff struggle a little with the concept of just keep bringing beer, we’ll drink it and we did…

Biggest thanks to those in the squad, who travelled, help get the team ready in warm up, supported from the sideline and did not get on, to a man everyone of the them was a true squad player, thank you.

We are so fortunate to have a squad of this capability, we truly had real finishers on the bench and non of the the substitutions weakened the side.

We did it, we brought the Shield back, it’s defence starts with training once the Lions test finish. There is a Vets game next Friday at Ryton, so they will be no game for the Bricks, I’ll check what the Development are doing.


Well done Bricks;


Thanks to Finnas for around 400 photos




Trys Rodders 2

Conv: Rodders 1

Pen: Rodders 2

Squad for match:
Forwards: Paul W, Brett H, Grumpy, Keith W, Tom H, Arron P, Keith O, Horse, James K, Steve P, Windy, Rob Pyle, Drennon, Stracks, Cookie, Steve S, Cameron R, Ian B

Backs: Stu R, Owen R, Alex T, Steve D, Matt G, Liam B, Craig B, Lewis H, Rodders, Damien S, Mickey B, Craig O,

Saturday 1st April – Morpeth Stags 28, Blaydon Bricks 7

A depleted but battling Bricks side lost to a 30 man (or thereabouts) Stags squad who were out to enjoy their last match of the season in a well contested match where the Stags just had a bit too much firepower.

Morpeth opened the scoring early on with a well worked try finished by their (quite quick) supersized centre – apparently a former Penrith 1st teamer and quite a handful. The conversion made the score 7 – 0 to the Stags. Blaydon responded well at the restart with a good attack down the left wing initiated by Damian Ameer-Beg who had a good game all round. Good handling support from several players led to a lineout in the Stags 22 and a catch and forward drive led to a try by Keith Winter.  James Murray (another who had a sound game) landed a great conversion from wide out on the left to make it 7 – 7.

The game developed into an entertaining match that was mainly contested in the middle of the park with good play from both sides in both attack and defence. The Blaydon scrum stood up well in the face of a big Morpeth 8 and Rob Pyle was prominent in making any number of big tackles from the back row.  Eventually pressure from the Stags led to a 5metre scrum which was duly won by Morpeth and a try followed after powerful short range break from the scrum half. This was converted 14 – 7 to the Stags.

Aaron Poad made a surging break after picking up a Morpeth error and combined well with Damian A to make good ground for the Bricks. Unfortunately they could not capitalise on this and the game returned to the pattern of before only to be broken by another powerful attack down the middle of the field by the Stags backs resulting in another try. Again this was converted. 21-7 to the Stags.

A couple of changes were made at half time – one positional – but options were limited for the Bricks whereas a lot of fresh legs appeared for the Stags after half time.

On the restart the game quickly re-established itself as a tightly fought contest albeit with a lot of pressure on the Blaydon line. GREAT defence from the Blaydon side kept the Stags at bay (corny but couldn’t resist it!) and the home side were repelled several times when a try looked certain. Everyone played their part in this and it was great to watch. Then Windy ‘entered’ a maul from the side and, having been previously warned (so said the ref in a post-match interview!) a yellow card was shown. A very aggrieved Bricks captain left the field followed by the Stags forward who had formed an inviting doorway (or as Windy explained … an offside target) for his drive into the maul. Neither would return to the match.  Stu Reay took over the captaincy and marshalled his team well to provide stiff resistance.

More Morpeth pressure followed and, almost inevitably a try was scored following a 5m scrum – this time through an outnumbered centre field. Converted again. 28 – 7

Keith Oliver replaced Windy after the 10 minute sin bin was completed and the game continued as a good contest until the final whistle with both sides keen to play good hard rugby.

Well done to the Stags – you played well and were sporting opponents. Great stuff from the Bricks – an enjoyable game to watch lots of pride and determination shown all round.

Match report by Phil Partington – going to have to get this stopped, it actually reflects what happened in the game…….



  1. Tom Hirst
  2. Keith Winter
  3. Brian Penny
  4. Arron Poad
  5. Jack Inglis
  6. Ian Bennie
  7. Rob Pyle
  8. Windy (Keith Oliver – about 55 mins)
  9. Stu Reay
  10. James Murray (Lewis Hill – half time)
  11. Mickey Bell (James Murray – half time)
  12. Steve Davidson.
  13. Phil Divers
  14. Damien A
  15. Hopey


Saturday 18th March – Blaydon Bricks v Blyth IIs

Bricks let a 25 -5 halftime lead slip, which no doubt resulted from the amount of changes made at half time, with Bricks only just holding on to win 45 – 39, but in the end take maximum points by loaning Blyth 2s Keith Winter and Ian Bennie, which was nearly the undoing of us.
Good to see a couple of new players making they debut, Cameron who joined us after last playing for the school last year and Arron who last played for Blaydon U15s about 4 years ago. Good to have additional players as we still have many injuries; Savs, Matt Goodall, Harry, Windy (although he put in 20 mins today) Cliff, Phil Rayson, Stu Bailey (adding Horse and Steve Sewell this week) added to the fact that Toddy rejoins his ship on 22nd (how crap is his timing) and of course we have Lowsey on a sabbatical…… last tagged in a monastery in the Himalayas. At this rate we’ll be loaning players from the opposition for the final.

Sorry about the lack of photos, it was left to me to take them again, which always ends poorly, sorry but Finnas was AWOL, let’s hope he hasn’t left us to take photos at Winlaton….

Trys: Divers 4, Chester, Craig O, Arron P
Conv: Divers 5
Highs & Lows;


• Horse made two good breaks from the back of a maul, only to be cut down by a young winger on both occasions, coming off injured and now doubtful for the final.
• Keith didn’t let us down and knocked on at a line out as the ball came down to him, ref pinged Blyth for a knock on.
• Set pieces worked well both halves; Blyth Scrum went back every time and Cookie, Toddy and Steve S took good line out ball.
• Divers at flyhalf with so much good ball from the forwards looked dangerous every time and scored four trys’, jug at the final required….
• Keith bosches first Blyth player, but second one stripped the ball from him as he recovered from the hit.
• Hope picked up a low pass and made a good break through the middle from fullback.
• Good break from Steve Sewell after coming on for Horse, but his shoulder went again later in the game and another one who won’t make the final.
• Centres Chester and Damien switched to good effect with Divers and made good yards, great line from Chester for his try.
• It was a really warm day and players were struggling with the heat, Steve Palmer was like a red flashing beacon and everyone wanted to be subbed, Chester had complained last time he was substituted, so even though he wanted a break, he was left on for the full game
• Cookie and Toddy were all over the park making crunching tackles
• Cameron and Arron had good debuts, with Arron scoring a good try.
• Putting Keith and Ian on for Blyth wasn’t my greatest management decision of the season, as the mobility of their pack increased around the same time we seemed to have switched off, we were 40 point to 5 up at one stage. But we continue with the policy of Bricks not playing uneven numbers in a game and we’d do it again.
• Paul W caught a kick off, had to mention that, then shouted for the next and Keith O left it and it dropped to the floor with Paul nowhere near….. normality resumed!
• Blyth then realised they had the speed advantage out wide and started to take he ball wide at every opportunity starting to clock up the trys and if their kicker had a kicking tee (I did offer ours) we probably would have lost this game.
• Craig B had been for a run in the morning and rumour was had 3 pork pies before the game, believable as a young winger from Blyth out stripped everyone down the sideline. Craig, later in the bar claimed it was nothing to do with his run and he was not outstripped, as he was no where near, he was reminded he was fullback and last line of defence and should have got across. He did get him the next time he broken through, was his next defence…..
Next week we take on Morpeth Stags, away, who are immediately above us in 3rd place and beat us about 6 weeks ago, so you can assure it will be a tough encounter.
Also Houghton Boars play Winlaton Saxons next Saturday 1st April so we find out who play in the final on 2nd April.
1. Paul Winter
2. Keith Winter (Grumpy)
3. Brian Penny (Steve Palmer)
4. Horse (Steve Sewell)
5. Keith Oliver (Jack Inglis)
6. Ian Bennie (Arron Poad )
7. Cookie (Cameron Richardson)
8. Mark Todd (Windy)
9. Stu Reay (Hopey, Craig B)
10. Divers (Hopey)
11. Paul Dingley (Mickey Bell)
12. Steve Davidson.
13. Damien A (Mark Todd)
14. Craig Oliver (Damien Shaw)
15. Hopey (Craig Barlow, Damien A))

Blaydon Bricks 0, Gateshead 3s 19

This game was played in great spirit and was much closer than the score suggested, with the Bricks close to scoring a couple of times in the first half, with a little better decision making,  more fruitful options would have been taken and those earlier scores would have made a difference.

This was a team performance that grew through the first half, as a number of players had not played together for a while, so with Phil Rayson and Phil Ritson adding some experience (quite some) to proceedings. As it happens Gateshead scored the early points, but the BrIcks held it to 0-0 in the second half even though they only had one set of fresh legs on the  bench.
Gateshead were a very strong experienced side ( squad of about 25) and
the majority of our experience and weight, out in Benidorm, the team were a fair bit lighter than normal, but much more mobile and they tackled like lions and wave after wave of Gateshead boys were cut down ferociously.
Good hard game with no niggle or lack of discipline, continued the trend of the last few weeks, which made it a pleasure to play in such a hotly
contested game

input from Phil Rayson and Steven Davidson