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Andrew Baggett Cup – Saturday 3rd February





Andrew Baggett (or more affectionately Baggy) made 409 National League 1 (or it’s previous incarnation) appearances for Wharfedale and Blaydon between 2001 and 2017. This stands as a record by over 90 games ahead of Neil Dickinson, a Wharfedale legend. In fact, due to their consistency over recent years Blaydon and Wharfedale players make up over half of the top 20 appearance makers of all time with names such as Hodgson, Lister, Wearmouth and Kalbraier featuring in the top 10.

Baggy made his Wharfedale debut in September 2001, a narrow loss to Rosslyn Park at Threshfield. His Blaydon debut proved slightly more successful, an influential performance in a 46-8 win at Waterloo in September 2008. Baggy also holds another all time record as top scorer at level 3 with 1707 points. Again, this is quite a way ahead of his nearest challenger Neil Hallett of Ealing (1404).

A notable point here is that Baggy was not always his club’s first choice goalkicker, and in fact was only a back up kicker for 7 of his 16 seasons at level 3. Were this not the case his points tally could have exceeded 2500! Baggy recounts his Wharfedale highlights as “any time we beat Harrogate ” and in a similar vein in a red shirt “any time we beat Tynedale”. His disappointments include losing a number of Yorkshire Cup finals and being relegated from National 1 in his final game for Blaydon.

Baggy continues his rugby career back at his hometown club Middlesbrough where he is currently pulling the strings as player coach. They are extremely lucky to have someone of his experience, talent and character. Unfortunately this is lkely to exclude him from being at the game to make the first presentation of the Cup named in his honour.

Baggy’s talents as a player require little citation. It s not necessary to do so, you don’t get selected for 16 straight seasons in key positions without being a special player. What makes Baggy truly unique is his character. He possesses a number of qualities that are somewhat immeasurable and increasingly rare in modern rugby. Courage, resilience, self organisation and integrity are all attributes that are synonymous with Baggy. He is also one of the most determined and committed individuals you could ever have the fortune to meet. His thrice weekly commutes to Grassington and Blaydon for training and matches over 16 seasons equates to over 9 times around the equator!

Baggy is quite literally a legend and we will be fortunate to see another like him. The Baggett Cup is a fitting tribute to the man, from the two clubs where he gave so many people so much joy.

Boxing Day – First round to Blaydon XV 27-5, all to play for on 30th Dec. at Ryton 1pm KO

A large festive crowd gathered on a bright winters day to see two large squads from both sides turn out for this contest.

Blaydon squad was a mix from the club with:

  • Some of the Blaydon youth, who have come through in previous years and are now in the first team squad, were very keen to turn out for a social game; Andy, Dan, James, Owen & Sean
  • Georgians/Development squad; Jack, Jake, James Murray, Lewis and Callum
  • Bricks represented by Goggle, Justin, Dingley 2, Cameron, GB, Stracks, Texas (he’s still a Brick, on loan at Winlaton) and Tom
  • Couple of guests; Shane from USA in for Christmas and Dave Walton from Winlaton who just turned up on spec. to see if he could get a game, it’s Boxing day all welcome!.


Thanks to Windy and Sean for the pictures, sample below, rest available:



  • Blaydon defence was immense with Ryton having more of the ball, but unable to breach our lines until a break from the young 9 close to the end.
  • Andy and Owen swapped at half time, both provided quick ball from 9 and made good yards while at 15
  • Front row enjoyed the skirmish against a good Ryton pack, especially Tom who was lining up scrumhalf, see the photos on Facebook and on Bricks site.
  • James Cooney scored 3 long range try’s while he was on the field in the first half.
  • Blaydon backs always looked dangerous with ball in hand and had pace to burn.
  • Jack, Jake, Callum, Shane, Sean and Justin got round the park and made life difficult for Ryton to gain any momentum
  • Strachs made some good yards going forward and some big hits in defence
  • Texas tackling, yes honest it happened..
  • Ryton had a very good, young 9 and 10 on display.
  • Keith wasn’t available, so Paul took his yellow card for him!. He doth protest his innocence too much I think, even tried afterwards in the bar, with the totally unbiased independent referees….
  • Changes at half time brought Dan, Jake, James Murray and David Walton on, so even more pace introduced
  • Forwards will know they were in a contest after this game with some big hits and impacts
  • Texas’s kick across field into Sean’s arms, as he lurked on the side line and ran in, no clue what a hooker was doing out there! But good try.


In summary really entertaining game, but job only half done, with second round on Saturday 30th 1pm at Ryton, with winner being over both games, Blaydon have the advantage, but first team squad being rested for return of the league campaign, so more 2nds/3rds and Bricks being called up.



Trys: James 3, Sean & Jake

Conv. Lewis 1



1 Paul Winter  (Matty Bell)

2 Shane  (Sean Pyle)

3 Tom Hirst

4 Jack Inglis

5 Callum Gasgoigne

6 Cameron Richardson  (Jake Armstrong)

7 Justin Clark

8 Strachs

9 Andy Richardson  (Owen Reed)

10 Texas

11 Paul Dingley (David Walden)

12 James Cooney  (Dan Turland)

13 Lewis Hill

14 Craig Barlow  (James Murray)

15 Owen Reed (Andy Richardson)

Sat. 16th December – First Team Game postponed, Presidents Xmas lunch going ahead.

With our visitors not travelling, several seats are now available for the lunch.

Contact Sharon on 07748605549

Blaydon v South Leicester –  lunch time inspection of the pitch for tomorrows game has been undertaken by qualified official today, and the decision made that in view of the current state of the pitch and the adverse overnight forecast, that the match be cancelled.

The  date for re-scheduling the fixture is Saturday 24th February 2018.

Could you put the cancellation on the web site please but informing all that the lunch is still on.



Sheffield Tigers game goes ahead after Pitch inspection. TEAM NEWS 2/12/17

Starting team at home to Sheffield Tigers RUFC
2nd December, 2pm kick off
1. Jack Beckworth
2. Matthew Thompson
3. David  Kilpatrick
4. James Zino
5. Jack Davidson
6. Robert Lenderyou
7. Sweed Harrison
8. Keith Laughlin
9. Andy Miller
10. Ryan Foreman
11. Jack Appleton
12. Tom Small
13. Daniel Marshall
14. James Cooney
15. Nathan Bailey
Bench TBC
2nd team away at Billingham
1. Joe Melia
2. Sean Pyle
3. David Lyall
4. Toby Tremlett
5. Jonathan Hames (C)
6. Marty Lonsdale
7. Matthew Charlton
8. Fanda Vohanka
9. Andy Richardson
10. Cam Coates
11. James Murray
12. Tom Allway
13. Hugh Mongan
14. Tom Gorman
15. Nick Melchorrie
James Towart Adams
Mitchell Smails
Scott Whitfield
Callum Gascoigne


1st XV team at home to Leicester Lions
2pm kick off

1. Alex Dodds
2. Matthew Thompson
3. Andrew Forster
4. James Zino
5. James Lasis
6. Robert Lenderyou
7. Jack Davidson
8. Keith Laughlin (Captain)
9. Owen Reed
10. Joel Matevesi
11. Jack Appleton
12. Tom Small (VC)
13. James Cooney
14. Nathan Bailey
15. Ryan Foreman

16. Cameron Bell
17. David kilpatrick
18. Sweed Harrison
19. Andrew Richardson
20. Tom Gorman

2nd Team away at Percy Park

1. Andrew Steinberg
2. Sean Pyle
3. David Lyall
4. Jonathan Hames (c)
5. Toby Tremlett
6. Liam Wright
7. Tom Robertson
8. Fanda Vohánka
9. TBC
10. Cameron James Coates
11. Scott Whitfield
12. Josh Stoker
13. Déan Holliday
14. Nicola Melchiorre
15. Tom Allway

Andrew Strachan
Callum Gascoigne
James Towart-Adams
Nathan Somersall


Blaydon Pre-Season well underway, with three friendlies to be played in August:

The 2017/18 season preparations are well underway for Blaydon’s North Division 2 campaign under the new leadership of Ally Hogg.

Blaydon will play three pre-season friendlies:

  • Across at Northern Rugby Club on 12th August, 2pm KO
  • Versus Glasgow Hawks which will be played on the AGP at Newcastle Falcons 19th August, 2pm KO
  • Away at Currie Rugby Club on 26th August, 2:30pm KO


Our goal for the season is an immediate return to National Division 1, that does not mean we don’t recognise the challenge ahead of us, with some very good teams in ND2.

We also look forward to reviving old rivalries against the likes of; Otley, Tynedale and Wharfedale